Adaptability vs. Efficiency: Why Modern Manufacturing Companies Need to Plan for Both
Blog | December 10th, 2021

Adaptability vs. Efficiency: Why Modern Manufacturing Companies Need to Plan for Both

Over the last few decades, successful manufacturing companies have been built with a steadfast focus on four aspects: operational efficiency, quality, cost and robust supply chains. These companies have used the power of digital transformation, industry 4.0 solutions and automation to optimize operations and improve overall business performance.

Then all of a sudden, COVID-19 happened. Global trade got affected and supply chains were broken. New regulations focused on the health and safety of employees kicked in. Remote work became the norm, and social distancing was required even on the shopfloor.

Even the most successful manufacturing companies that were known for quality and efficiency had to ADAPT.

According to a report published by McKinsey, resilience strategies became the need of the hour. Companies had to move quickly to drive change, rebuild supply chains, train their people and adjust to the new normal.

Manufacturing companies had to think beyond Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD). Leaders in the manufacturing sector had to bring in agility and adaptability to proactively mitigate risks, address vulnerabilities and be prepared for major disasters.

While the pandemic highlighted (very prominently) the need for adaptability, it has always been a requirement. Apparently, supply chain disruptions that last a month are expected to occur every 3.7 years. An earthquake in Japan in 2011 forced automobile and electronics manufacturers to reduce their reliance on Japanese suppliers. The point is: leaders in manufacturing have to add adaptability and resilience strategies to their overall toolkit.

Agility and Adaptability the Key to Dealing with Changes and Disruptions

EY identifies adaptability as a key skill that organizations will need to meet the unknown challenges of the future. This will require businesses to have an operating model that helps to calibrate their risk exposure and create strategies that revolve around:

  • Empowering the workforce with training to increase their ability to respond to an uncertain environment
  • Agile processes that can help with managing supply chains during disruptions
  • Easily adaptable manufacturing processes and workflows
  • Ensuring efficiency as well as resilience through streamlined processes that help manufacturers during good and bad times

ComplianceQuest Training Management for Improving Adaptability Skills

One of the key factors in the successful implementation of smart factories has been the ability of the employees to adapt to the new work culture. Human beings, despite being prone to errors, can also adapt quickly without needing any retooling or reprogramming. Therefore, manufacturers need to balance technology, connectivity and devices with the following three key factors:

  • Empowering manufacturing workers with tools and training
  • Building diverse teams
  • Creating change champions within the organizations to support transformation by removing bottlenecks and getting the buy-in of all employees

ComplianceQuest’s Training Management Software can be used effectively for timely training in skills that can help employees deal with the constantly evolving changes in the environment. By integrating training into your EQMS workflow, you can create a stable, reliable, and repeatable training management process that covers all the skills right from GxP guidelines to international standards to government regulations.

Some of the key features that can help with improving the adaptability of the organization include:

  • Building Employee Competency: Create and manage focused training plans, policies, and learning content to improve knowledge acquisition, visibility, and traceability, and create a culture of transformation.
  • Compliance and ‘Audit Readiness’: Gain a complete view of training compliance with documents connected to training programs and data stored and easily retrieved from one place.
  • Individualized and Role-Specific Training: Define training plans specific to particular job roles/titles to ensure position-specific functionality and compliance. Allow employees to use different approaches to learn specific content.
  • Maintain Up-to-Date Training Records: For each employee, easily compile both, the training history for documents and courses, as well as what training is required so each employee knows what he/she still needs to learn and by when.
  • Support Online Learning for Virtual Environment: Easily create content for online learning programs or integrate with third-party learning management systems (LMS).

Improve Supply Chain Adaptability with CQ Supplier Management Software

During disruptive periods, the first to be affected is the supply chain. ComplianceQuest Supplier Management Software helps to digitize and automate the supply chain in a single platform. This helps you to:

  • Gain a consolidated, 360-degree view of all your supplier engagements
  • Assess, qualify, and onboard suppliers
  • Improve collaboration and communication with suppliers
  • Measure and monitor supplier performance
  • Escalate issues and enable quick corrective/preventive actions

Calibrate Your Risk Exposure with ComplianceQuest Software

ComplianceQuest’s Risk Management Software provides a clear, consolidated view of your organization’s risk through identification, evaluation, mitigation, and continuous monitoring. A centralized repository of identified risks at the project, department, or company level helps to drive strategic decisions on potential threats, aligning the solution with standards such as ISO 31000, ISO 14971, ICH Q9, and risk principles in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001. This helps to:

  • Accelerate assessments
  • Identify and analyze risk trends
  • Drive risk mitigation activities
  • Identify and implement to improve process efficiency, risk management, adaptability, and internal controls with CQ’s risk framework.

It is said, change is the only constant. ComplianceQuest EQMS also includes a Change Management module to bring about process and workflow changes in a collaborative, seamless fashion.

To minimize disruptions and improve business continuity, businesses can implement ComplianceQuest’s Change, Training, Supplier and Risk Management Software to become agile and adaptable.

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