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In this second post as part of the ‘Factor 8’ Series, we focus on the topic of Customer Experience (CX). Factor 8 is a series of eight blogs, each focusing on one question quality leaders must ask themselves before choosing an EQMS.

Our first post in the Factor 8 Series was on ‘flexibility’, both in terms of scale and integration (with other ERP/CRM systems) capabilities.

In this post, we go right to the other end of product usage cycle – the end user. So, let’s dive right in.

Factor #2:

Have you evaluated the ‘end-user experience’ for all the EQMS options you’re considering?

At ComplianceQuest, we’re convinced that end-user experience is critical to any software. In most cases, high-level UX will drive wider adoption, and therefore enable ease of automation. Most importantly, while the end-user is probably not making the buying decision, the decision to stick with a particular software is based on the collective experience of all users.

The question is – How do we evaluate an EQMS for CX? We suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it intuitive? Today’s users are so used to consumer-grade apps and products that they expect the same experience from enterprise SaaS offerings as well.
  • Can we customize the flow? Can the product be modified for end-users with no-code or low-code?
  • What about look and feel? Are there template options? Are there ways to change color combinations, add logos, and get the end-user into a ‘look and feel’ he or she is familiar with?
  • Is user training easy? The user must be able to complete a short and simple training program to understand the entire flow.
  • The key to a good EQMS is that it should result in improving key quality metrics. It should drive automation. Does your CX enable this? The end user’s goal is to track and improve quality events, not spend timing learning and using a new tool.

As a person responsible for the buying decision of an EQMS product, it would be crucial to evaluate CX during the demo. It may be a good idea to loop in actual users into the decision-making process.

In our next post, we’ll focus on Web Based vs. Web Enabled and how that aspect influences your choice.

At ComplianceQuest, we’ve built our product on the #RealCloud with high-levels of CX. Please write to us at [email protected] to request for a demo.

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