Factor #8: A Team That Intuitively Understands Quality
Blog | January 21st, 2020

Factor #8: A Team That Intuitively Understands Quality

This is our final post in the ‘Factor 8’ series and we’d like to think this one is the most important. We believe this factor essentially drives all 7 factors we spoke about earlier.

We designed the Factor 8 Blog Series to empower quality leaders with a framework of sorts to evaluate EQMS offerings in the market. Of course, most quality leaders are well versed with the advantages of digital transformation and automation.

The fundamental goal of deploying an EQMS is straightforward: Make the life of a Quality Leader Simpler! And this is really the core mission of Team ComplianceQuest.

A world-class EQMS must be all of the following:

  • Scalable & Flexible
  • Mobile-Ready with high quality dashboards
  • Deliver in terms of ROI
  • Deliver the right set of Solutions, and work off-the-shelf for key features
  • Easy to Integrate with other systems
  • Deliver in terms of Customer Experience
  • Real Cloud-based & Secure

Therefore, the word “scalability” means many different things for an EQMS like ComplianceQuest.

  • It could mean the ability to deploy more and more solutions. A customer may have used only Audit and Document Management in the early days; Today, the same enterprise may want all 12 modules.
  • It could mean rapid growth in no. of users.
  • It could also mean the need for new reports and dashboards or even a multi-lingual platform to serve users in newer geographies.

But we think there’s more. The EQMS system must seamlessly fit into the current business process of an enterprise. It must act as a gold source of data for all quality, compliance, supplier and customer metrics. The EQMS product must intuitively understand the audit management process, the process of managing complaints, document workflow, CAPA and Root Cause Analysis processes.

In short, for a world-class EQMS, Scalability and Flexibility go hand-in-hand.

What are some of the important scalability features a QMS should have, at a fundamental level?

The three critical needs for a QMS to be scalable are:

  • Delegate administration at different levels
  • Provide location-based configurations and data filtering
  • Ensure process standardization and data compilation from multiple sites

How do we bring in this intuition into software?

How do we make a product that understands the finer nuances of not only compliance and quality systems, but also your sector’s newer regulatory requirements?

How do we build a tool that makes the life of a quality leader easier?

Most importantly, the EQMS must certainly not make life harder!

We believe ComplianceQuest is very well positioned to serve Quality Leaders with a best-in-class EQMS solution that is just right for your context:

  • Our leadership team is led by our CEO Prashant Rajendran, who brings 20+ years of experience in the quality industry. The team brings in the vast experience of legacy quality software, well-balanced with an understanding of the latest trends in SaaS. The leadership team cumulatively has 80+ years of experience in the quality sector.
  • The leadership team not only has the experience, but also has been consistently staying ahead of the curve in the quality software landscape, even as digital transformation trends have evolved rapidly.
  • The team also comes with in-depth expertise that drives intuition in the product. It requires relevant expertise in manufacturing, operations, data and strategy to build a high-quality EQMS product.

We believe ComplianceQuest is well-placed to become one of the best EQMS products in the market for various sectors including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Automotive, CPG, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Cannabis segments.

Request to speak to one of our security experts for more information by writing to marketing@compliancequest.com

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