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Next-Gen dashboards and Reports are crucial for easy access to key quality metrics, quality analytics and data.

In this post as part of our ‘Factor 8’ Series, we focus on the topic of ‘Dashboards and Reports’. As you probably know by now, ‘Factor 8’ is a series of eight blogs, each focusing on one question quality leaders must ask themselves before choosing an EQMS.

Every organization is sitting on a mine of data that can be leveraged to gain deep insights on various operational metrics. This insight can help in understanding of strengths and weaknesses, leading to course correction where needed and developing strategies to press home the advantage. However, often, the challenge lies in identifying, extracting, organizing and understanding such data.

Why is manual data extraction not good enough?

The manual way of extracting and organizing data is not only time consuming but also prone to introducing errors. Organizing such data can also be a nightmare, as also validating it. The second challenge is in knowing how to effectively use the data to get the right kind of insights.

What about third party tools for automating reports generation?

Some EQMS tools use third party tools but that presents challenges of limited integration capabilities. Compatibility issues as well as continued support can also be causes for concern. Needless to add – there are concerns on security when we need unnecessary layers of integration.

How does automation help?

A world-class EQMS like ComplianceQuest will have the seamless capability to generate a range of reports and offer a customizable dashboard; Key quality metrics can be tracked with ease, making it easy to draw insights through quality analytics.

Since we’ve built the product on a Real Cloud platform like Salesforce.com, the underlying platform makes it mobile-ready, with high levels of security.

What does Compliance Quest’s EQMS offer?

Key features of the Compliance Quest Dashboard include:

  • A customized dashboard for every role so that different executives and managers can get the information relevant to their needs. It can highlight critical information and exceptions for quick identification, as well as share it easily and securely with select people who can benefit from that data
  • Spot potential business problems early with easy-to-use data visualization tools to identify trends using charts, tables, and other graphics. Drill-down capabilities facilitate digging into underlying data while powerful analytics tools for building trend reports, matrix reports, and identifying root causes for any weaknesses in the business
  • Dashboards provide the latest, real-time data, thus being very current and relevant.
  • The integration capabilities of the Compliance Quest application, built on the Salesforce.com platform, also enables working with third-party analytics tools from virtually any other system in the enterprise (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • An intuitive, drag and drop report builder, scheduler and a configuration tool to tailor the reports make it extremely easy to use
  • The tool also controls access based on authentication and authorisation, and enables collaborations across teams, across locations based on needs in a secure environment
  • It is mobile-ready and integrated with the social media

In short, at ComplianceQuest, we’ve built our product on the #RealCloud with next-generation dashboards that are customizable. Please write to us at [email protected] to request for a demo.

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