Factor #5: Modules & Solutions: Where Breadth & Depth co-exist
Blog | November 20th, 2019

Factor #5: Modules & Solutions: Where Breadth & Depth co-exist

  • ComplianceQuest’s EQMS has been built by a leadership team that has over two decades of experience in quality and compliance.
  • That combined with our belief in next-generation cloud technologies has resulted in a collection of 12-modules that can work off-the-shelf for your organization.
  • It can be deployed either as specific modules (audit management, CAPA, Change, Complaints etc.) or serve as a 360-degree EQMS product that takes care of an organization’s quality and compliance needs end-to-end.

Most quality management software is built from a technology perspective by technology experts who lack an understanding of the needs of the user industries. Be it supply chain, quality, HR, collaboration, communication and so on, each segment has not only its own set of processes but also challenges. Therefore, one size does not fit all, and users need a modular approach to their enterprise quality management system, enabling them to pick and choose what they want as well as how they want it.

How can EQMS be made to suit the individual needs of a business organization?

At ComplianceQuest, for instance, the platform for EQMS automation has 12 pre-developed, fully functioning modules that can be tailor-made to suit any industry based on its quality and compliance requirements. Not only is it flexible and scalable to expand beyond industry best practices, but can be customized further bringing in necessary integration, dashboards, and even addition of specific features.

How does the modular approach help?

Based on the needs of an enterprise, a quality leader can choose the modules that fit in with their processes, immediate needs and overall focus of the business.

An EQMS should fit the needs of the business (read current processes) and not the other way around. That’s why ComplianceQuest took a modular approach and offers the following 12 modules:

Will these modules meet my overall automation needs for quality management?

The modules are designed to provide a 360-degree view of the organisational processes and integrate very well with each other. Being cloud-based, they also work with legacy systems without costly or time-consuming changes needed to make them compatible.

Which industries does ComplianceQuest cater to?

We have experience working across seven industry segments – Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Cannabis, CPG, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, E-commerce, Medical Device, Healthcare and Life Sciences. In these sectors, we have served a wide range of enterprise – from Fortune 500 Global Corporations to rapidly growing VC-backed startups. We also have expertise in the regulations specific to the various industries such as FDA, IATA, ISO, AS and OHSAS.

All of this experience, helped us build a world-class EQMS built on the Salesforce.com platform. Will it work off the shelf for your enterprise? Mostly yes. But in case you’d like to customize the product, we’re deeply experienced in that as well. Having been built on the real cloud, the product is flexible and scalable, allowing the product to seamlessly fit into your existing processes.

Please write to us at marketing@compliancequest.com to request for a demo.

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