Seamless Integration of CQ EHS with ENHESA for Improved Safety Compliance
Blog | July 21st, 2022

Seamless Integration of CQ EHS with ENHESA for Improved Safety Compliance

EHS regulations are constantly being fine-tuned to keep pace with newer risks and hazards related to overall workplace safety and employee well-being requirements. This requires businesses to constantly monitor and update the organization’s EHS policy, train the workforce to bring them up to speed, and constantly review processes for continuous improvement.

Additionally, regulatory requirements differ across geographies and it is critical for organizations to keep track of location-specific compliance needs. Keeping this in mind, health & safety (H&S) leaders are grappling with two key questions:

  • One, how do we build a flexible and customizable EHS workflow, so it will become easy to change as new regulatory requirements emerge?
  • Two, what is the best way to stay abreast with the latest requirements?

ENHESA is one such organization that makes it easy for H&S leaders to track and monitor all EHS-related regulatory content. Its solutions include Compliance Intelligence Monitoring, Regulatory Forecaster, and Regulatory Guides that offer coverage of EHS requirements across 300+ jurisdictions.

By implementing a next-generation EHS Solution, like ComplianceQuest, with seamless integration with ENHESA documents – safety leaders can drive efficiency and effectiveness across the compliance lifecycle.

Why a Modern, Cloud-Based Safety Solution is a “Must Have” to Keep Pace with EHS Regulations

Through our conversations with H&S leaders across the world, we’ve realized that keeping pace with regulatory requirements, especially location-specific ones, is not easy. Without a digitalized platform to streamline and automate EHS operations, it becomes impossible to manage both compliance requirements as well as improve the safety performance.

Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Implementing a process change (regulations-related or otherwise) is complicated and inefficient without a modern EHS solution
  • It is critical to have access to the latest regulatory documentation within the EHS platform; Without this, it becomes difficult to make sure the latest requirements are met
  • Collaboration across locations and teams becomes difficult without a modern EHS
  • Different product categories have varied regulatory requirements; Therefore, the EHS workflow must be flexible and customizable
  • You need to make sure regulatory requirements are met across the lifecycle – right from product design all the way to the customer

Keeping pace with regulations also means that you need a world-class audit and inspection management process. This could include an evaluation of the manufacturing process, external laboratories, and more. Manual, spreadsheet-based systems can make collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams challenging. Also, regulatory bodies need companies to demonstrate that thorough inspections and audits – all necessary steps were taken to support compliance with regulations.

Documentation, therefore, becomes the essence. Often, this is the weakest link too.

ENHESA-ComplianceQuest Integration: for Improved EHS Documentation and Compliance

ComplianceQuest has integrated its EHS solution with ENHESA to provide its customers with in-application access to the latest repository of compliance documents stored within CQ libraries for proper documentation on initial assessment, checklists, approval, investigation plans, and compliance reporting.

ENHESA integrates EHS regulation content with CQ’s Audit and Inspection solution to automatically generate custom-built regulatory documents to verify compliance with the unique regulations and standards that can impact your enterprise.

With the regulatory intelligence feature of ENHESA, our customers can go beyond the basics and benefit from the following unique features:

  • AI-powered index of relevant EHS regulatory issues to track for your enterprise
  • Consolidated summaries of each law/regulatory requirement
  • Direct links to the original legislation/compliance documentation
  • Detailed EHS requirements – as prepared by ENHESA’s legal specialists and analysts

Key Capabilities of CQ EHS, Powered by the Integration with ENHESA

Some of the key advantages of the ENHESA integration include:

  • ENHESA Integration with CQ Audit and Inspection Modules drives efficiency in the overall regulatory audit process
  • It becomes really simple for safety leaders to get a global overview of EHS management outlook/regulatory scope – both worldwide and for a specific geography
  • Manage compliance across all your sites – with an all in one easy-to-use, intuitive tool
  • Expert summaries – understand EHS obligations with clear explanations of critical/compliance issues
  • Standardized reporting – share progress the same way in a consistent format, across different sites
  • Actionable insights – with specific EHS requirements/next steps from specialized analysts
  • Forecasting regulatory compliance laws – understand the impact of using AI-Tools to identify the next steps

Key Benefits of Integrating with ENHESA

The integration of the CQ EHS with ENHESA will make the following easier for health and safety leaders:

  • Improving operations to make them safe for employees and the environment
  • Providing compliance intelligence to enable businesses to go from reactive to proactive approach to EHS management
  • Forecast the regulatory environment to prepare for changes
  • Access regulatory guides to get up to speed on laws and regulations

Specifically, some of the departments/business functions benefiting from this integration include:

  • Chemical Management
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Safety Management
  • ESG Governance
  • Occupational Health
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Air Emissions

In the traditional system, clients had to search for regulatory libraries that were disconnected from any system. Clients also had to deploy, store, and maintain documents in manual binders with no access for employees.

With the integration of the two solutions, documents can be securely shared across the enterprise. This is especially useful while sharing documents with inspectors. Users can quickly find and access regulation documents for their sites and product in a CQ library.

As a result, businesses can keep track of ever-increasing EHS regulations across all operational sites. CQ’s integration with ENHESA makes it easier to get the current version of regulation documents based on product, location, and process required to make, store, move and deliver. This also supports corporates with sustainability and green initiatives.

Access to a Regulation Document Library Helps with the following:

Complete Integration with CQ Inspection and Audit – Real-time connectivity to the ENHESA compliance document repository for most current versions of regulations.

Avoid Fines and Damaging Violations – Uncover the hidden cost of non-compliance from unforeseen and misunderstood regulatory changes through analysis of evolving EHS issues.

Govern at a Global Level – Gain corporate oversight with a centralized, standardized view of compliance in your business.

Increase Buy-in and Build Awareness in Each Site – Equip teams with key knowledge and clear guidance on EHS requirements specific to each location, leveraging expertise in over 300 jurisdictions.

Be Confident in Your Level of Compliance – Eliminate blind spots to ensure alignment with all applicable EHS laws, in every location through the industry’s most inclusive worldwide regulatory coverage.

Safety Management – Fully comprehend the complex framework of potential risk, personnel requirements, and protected groups of people.

Hazardous Materials Management – Be clear on obligations on site and on the road with regulatory guidance for handling, storing, and transporting harmful items.

Emergency Preparedness – Predict, prevent and prepare for workplace accidents with a precise understanding of codes, compliant exits, and other considerations.

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