Safety 4.0 is No Longer a Buzzword. With the Right EHS Management Solution, it is Easy to Implement.
Blog | September 8th, 2021

Safety 4.0 is No Longer a Buzzword. With the Right EHS Management Solution, it is Easy to Implement.

Safety leaders all over the world are looking to embrace the power of digital transformation. They are actively looking to adopt next-generation technologies like AI and predictive analytics to improve overall safety standards.

Safety 4.0 revolves around the following:

  • Build a health and safety process that is data and insights-driven
  • Constantly track, measure & improve key safety metrics
  • Make it easy for people and teams to collaborate on safety efforts
  • Proactive risk management, using the power of predictive analytics and AI
  • Drive continuous improvement of all health & safety processes
  • Build an enterprise-wide safety culture

But, before we get into Safety 4.0, here’s a look at common hazards in the workplace in terms of environment, health, and safety.

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EHS Buyer’s Guide

Some Common Workplace Hazards

A quick glance at workplace hazards shows that they can be categorized into six broad types:

  1. Safety hazards This refers to unsafe working conditions leading to injury, illness, or death. This could be anything from tripping and falling due to spills, shock from loose wires, falling from heights, injury caused by unsafe machinery, fires, or even electric hazards.
  2. Biological hazards: Also referred to as biohazards, this includes infections and allergies from exposure to others, animals, people, or infectious plant materials.
  3. Physical hazards: This refers to environment-related hazards such as prolonged exposure to the sun, working in extreme temperatures, being surrounded by extremely loud noise for too long, etc.
  4. Ergonomic hazards: This refers to postural issues that cause musculoskeletal damages.
  5. Chemical hazards: The risks from chemicals not only include dangerous chemicals but even common cleaning solutions that can cause illness, skin irritation, or breathing problems.
  6. Work-related hazards: This is caused by work-related stress and strain and can cause mental trauma and related illnesses.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the complexity of hazard management to ensure employee health and workplace safety has gone up a fair bit. This includes taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, additional sanitization needs, procurement of PPEs, and helping employees deal with mental health issues.

To manage all this complexity, health and safety leaders are looking for technological solutions that makes it easy for them to capture, access, and analyze incident data. They want real-time data visibility and ease of collaboration. Manual and on-prem legacy systems fall short when it comes to these capabilities.

As per Peter Bussey, research analyst with LNS Research, “EHS 4.0 provides the means to harness today’s technology to enable fresh approaches to EHS management. EHS 4.0 is not a technology per se but rather is enabled by technology innovations. It’s a framework of capabilities that can help organizations go beyond traditional EHS management to transform how they manage performance improvement.”

Safety 4.0 with a Next-gen EHS Solution

Today safety leaders want the following to happen:

  • Respond to safety events with agility
  • Anticipate and proactively prevent future incidents
  • Make safety a part of the corporate culture through training and employee engagement

In fact, even the recent regulatory requirements lay stress on employee participation in safety processes rather than being the responsibility of the safety department alone.

The tools and technologies that can enable this include:

  • Cloud-based Safety Management: A cloud-based health and safety solution can equip the employees with the means to report and share events and observations. Safety leaders can access data in real-time and respond to contain the damage and prevent future events.
  • Safety Wearables: From monitoring employee health to alerting in case of any hazards, sensors embedded in devices worn on the body, in clothing or on PPE are playing a key role in reducing the risks to employees and making the workplace safer.
  • Robotics: The use of programmable machines has enabled the automation of risky processes, reducing human exposure to hazard or fatigue and thereby improving their safety.
  • Mobile Readiness: Being on the cloud also lets users access safety management software to report or access data from anywhere, anytime and using any device.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI can be used to build predictive algorithms to identify potential hazards and prevent their occurrence.
  • IoT: This can help with remote monitoring of sites to improve the safety in factories and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

With ComplianceQuest EHS Solution, it is easy for enterprises to meet Safety 4.0 requirements. Our EHS solution, which is built from the ground up on the Salesforce Platform, offers next-generation capabilities and is scalable, flexible, and customizable. Thanks to its mobile and analytics features, all stakeholders have safety data at their fingertips. With its integrated risk management solution, it is ideal for safety teams that are looking for a long-term solution.

ComplianceQuest EHS is designed for the following:

  • Provide an integrated view of enterprise-wide data
  • Help prioritize risks to initiate CAPA
  • Facilitate root cause analysis
  • Document the findings
  • Help with regulatory reporting
  • Empower employees to proactively participate in risk management efforts
  • Enable analytics to help identify trends and prevent future occurrences
  • Identify gaps in skills for training
  • Report incidents, near misses, and observations with ease
  • Facilitate collaboration across locations
  • Effect continuous improvement of safety processes, through audits

By embracing Safety 4.0, businesses can ensure a safe workplace that improves employee morale, reduces absenteeism, and improves productivity leading to innovation and growth.

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