Efficient, Effective and Data-Driven Safety Inspections with ComplianceQuest
Blog | April 5th, 2023

Efficient, Effective and Data-Driven Safety Inspections with ComplianceQuest

Recently, we published a Whitepaper titled “Proactive Safety 101: Build a Robust Safety Inspection Program with Automation”. The paper covers the following topics:

  • The value of continuously monitoring the workplace to spot substandard acts and conditions
  • The role of safety inspections and how periodic monitoring of five key aspects (people, environment, physical conditions, machinery/materials, and equipment) enables proactive safety management
  • The process of automating the safety inspection lifecycle with the right tools and checklists

Download the full whitepaper here: https://www.compliancequest.com/whitepaper/robust-safety-inspection-program/


Common Challenges in the Safety Inspection Process

When it comes to safety inspections, several companies settle for a paper and Excel-based process. However, in order to run an effective inspection program, data visibility and collaboration are critical. Also, once an unsafe process or equipment is identified, there should be no time wasted in taking corrective actions.

Several leaders we spoke to highlighted the following challenges with safety inspections:

  • Inconsistent safety inspections process across departments/locations
  • Inability to identify hazards and take effective controls
  • No accountability and ineffective corrective actions
  • Inefficiencies due to paper-based processes and legacy systems
  • Inability to conduct remote inspection due to the lack of connectivity
  • Unable to conduct inspections on the shop floor and capture evidence
7 common challenges infographics

Time-Consuming Activities During a Safety Inspection

From an operational perspective, the inspection process can become slow without the right process, tools and checklists.

In fact, with a paper-based or legacy system, each of the processes below will be extremely inefficient:

Schedule and assign the Safety Inspection

  • Organizing the right team of inspectors
  • Assigning inspections based on roles
  • Communicating to relevant parties about upcoming inspections

Plan and prepare the Safety Inspection

  • Reviewing past inspection findings and corrective actions (CAs)
  • Reviewing recent trends in site performance per inspection topic
  • Gathering necessary records and documentation
  • Notifying relevant parties as the inspection nears

Conduct the Safety Inspection

  • Conducting the inspection on paper and recording findings
  • Transferring inspection results from paper into digital records
  • Capturing and uploading photos
  • Tracking inspection progress
  • Postponing inspection due to connectivity as the existing system doesn’t work offline

Consolidate and review findings

  • Transferring safety inspection results from paper into digital records
  • Analyzing safety inspection findings
  • Organizing papers and spreadsheets
  • Sharing findings with key team members

Create and assign corrective actions

  • Associating each Corrective Action (CA) with a specific finding
  • Locating the employee responsible for implementing the CA
  • Setting due data for a CA and ensuring the person responsible is aware of the deadline
  • Connecting CAs to a specific safety inspection to help in the analysis

Report inspection findings

  • Organize all safety inspection findings, both positive and negative
  • Convert raw safety inspection results into a sharable format and charts
  • Full review of findings and CAs before the full report is shared or made available

Safety Inspections Done Right

Safety Inspections are a critical aspect of Safety Management for the following reasons:

  • Carefully observing workplace practices will help understand if any aspect of operations is unsafe
  • Proactively identify risks and safety hazards
  • Use inspections to spot opportunities to improve safety management processes
  • Closely observe equipment and machinery, to check if anything needs to be serviced or fixed

To drive efficiency into the inspection process, digital transformation of the entire workflow holds the key. ​​

CQ Safety Inspections Solution will help you streamline the end-to-end inspection process with the following features:

  • Inspection Program Management – Quickly set up inspection programs, create checklists, and streamline inspections across your organization
  • Inspections Management - Efficiently schedule, assign and conduct a program or ad hoc inspections across the sites from a single and centralized platform
  • Customized Checklists - Effortlessly create customized electronic checklists to create a comprehensive library for various safety inspections
  • Import Utility - Leverage import wizards to easily import a pre-built checklist in minutes
  • Scoring Mechanism – Configure scores and weights to checklists to get insights into how inspections are performing over the period
  • Effective Corrective Actions – Instantly initiate corrective actions and track the progress in real-time
  • Offline Mobile App – Easily conduct safety inspections in the field using a mobile app, with or without connectivity

Some of the other capabilities include:

  • The ability to track real-time safety inspection metrics and get real-time visibility across all sites
  • Use intelligent automation for certain processes; For instance, based on the safety inspection cycle, the system will automatically create tasks. If the safety inspection cycle is 2, the system will create two tasks
  • Modify questions (and weight for a question) with a checklist
  • Ability to import prebuilt checklists and associated questions and responses into the system

To know more about ComplianceQuest EHS, request for a demo here: https://www.compliancequest.com/lp/ehs/

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