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Salesforce.com recently launched a new suite of technology solutions and resources called Work.com to help enterprises navigate the new normal and gear up to reopen on-site operations.

Work.com includes a suite of technology solutions, resources and best practices guides to help leaders automate and drive digital transformation of some new processes that have recently become more urgent. The Work.com Command Center offers a single hub to keep track of vital data and information around readiness to reopen, health and safety tracking for employees, customers and partners, in addition to interoperability with the rest of the Salesforce ecosystem for other key operational processes.

ComplianceQuest, a best-in-class, next-generation EQMS built on the Salesforce platform, has been selected as a key partner of Work.com, to help enterprises navigate quality, compliance and supplier management processes with ease.

In addition to ComplianceQuest, some of the other partners include Deloitte Digital, PwC, Accenture, Fusion Risk Management and Traction Guest.

Overall, Work.com has been designed to enable business leaders and decision-makers to produce data-driven decisions. Automation and digital transformation are the keys to making this work.

From a ComplianceQuest standpoint, we’re happy to join in as a key partner of Work.com. Built from the ground up on the Salesforce platform, our next-generation EQMS is designed to help business leaders in the following areas:

In each of these areas, CQ has predefined solutions that work off-the-shelf or can be customized as per user needs and specific industry requirements.

COVID-19 has deeply disrupted the supply chain of most companies around the world. Supply chain leaders are grappling with new supplier qualification, upgrading quality processes for old and new suppliers, and modifying supply chains almost entirely.

For many manufacturers, fundamental changes are in order, right from changing the product mix and adding new products to their line-up.

ComplianceQuest’s Supplier Management system will integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP and CRM dashboards to automate your new supply chain with a data-first approach.

As more people start to work remotely, document management and version control become critical, especially to maintain quality, compliance and regulatory requirements. CQ’s document management module is designed for security, even as companies do more remote document creation, revisions and approvals.

More than ever before, Complaint Management, Change Management and Risk Mitigation are integral parts of all business processes. In these times of major business overhauling and retooling, there is no doubt that automation of processes makes life much easier for quality and business leaders.

Broadly, business leaders are adopting a data-driven approach to decision making and operations in this “next normal” development phase. In this Whitepaper by Salesforce, a 3-step process is recommended:

Step 1: Stabilize

In this phase, a decisive and thoughtful command center is built. Make decisions around resource allocation, rebuilding employee productivity and supporting employee wellness. Simultaneously, upgrade your systems and procedures to fit the new normal.

Step 2: Engage closely with priority customers

Once you stabilize internal operations, start working with customers across the board. Deliver personalized service, while playing a supportive role in helping your customers to stabilize and rearrange their operations. Empower your people with relevant tools and technologies to upgrade internal and external systems and procedures, and emphasize the importance of a customer-oriented culture.

Step 3: Next phase of Growth

The next step is to prepare your business for long-term growth. This could be in terms of newer customer segments, untapped opportunities, and changes to overall business strategy. Using data and analytics from your ERP, CRM and EQMS can make a major difference to your renewed growth strategy.

Broadly speaking, automation and digital transformation are key pillars of your business in these complex times.

Take advantage of the tools and resources in the Work.com platform.

Visit www.work.com for more information. At ComplianceQuest, we’re very excited to partner with this extremely important platform by Salesforce, giving us an opportunity to add value to our customers as change develops in front of us.

Visit www.compliancequest.com for more information.