Salesforce-based QMS Software: Making Life Easier for Quality Leaders in Manufacturing
Blog | April 5th, 2023

Salesforce-based QMS Software: Making Life Easier for Quality Leaders in Manufacturing

At ComplianceQuest, a few months back, we published a Whitepaper on the topic:

Which Cloud Platform Powers Your Next-Gen Quality and Safety Management Solution? A Comparison: Salesforce vs. AWS and Azure.

It was a detailed paper that focused on the following subjects:

  • How cloud platforms like AWS and Azure offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), so product companies don’t have to worry about compute and storage capacities and platform development tools as the business scales.
  • How the Salesforce platform is a little different from AWS and Azure, and why we call it a “Business” Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) where there’s more on offer than just compute and storage.
  • The value proposition of a BPaaS provider like Salesforce revolves around how all IT management (infrastructure and application platform innovation) requirements are automatically taken care of. Vendors can take advantage of the application development tools in building consistency into their solution, such as an intuitive user interface/user navigation, reporting, dashboards, analytics, mobile access, etc.
  • With a Salesforce-based application, it is often easier to add new features, build new modules, and configure the solution based on a particular company’s needs.

At ComplianceQuest, we have had the opportunity to interact with Quality and Compliance leaders at a wide range of manufacturing companies. This includes companies across sectors such as medical devices, auto components, aerospace and defense, consumer packaged goods, process industries, etc.


Here, we share some anecdotal quotes we received from our customers and quality leaders:

“An EQMS built on Salesforce is a blessing to have. People at our company are already familiar with the interface, integration with our CRM and ERP is fairly straightforward, and most importantly it is a secure platform.”

“The analytics capabilities in ComplianceQuest are fantastic. It makes data-driven decision-making faster and easier. With Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics Platform available, the company is also able to innovate at a good pace, in terms of data capabilities.”

“With a Salesforce-based solution like ComplianceQuest, we know for a fact that the system can scale with ease, without any bottlenecks. This was an important consideration for us. Of course, with a Salesforce-based solution there is also the platform’s security and reliability that we took into account while choosing the QMS.”

Key Advantages of Choosing an EQMS Built on the Salesforce Platform

There are several reasons why manufacturing companies prefer a cloud-based QMS software. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Better in terms of ROI, with lower upfront costs
  • More efficient in terms of deploying and getting the automated QMS up and running without wasting time
  • Scalability - can add modules as the business grows
  • Easier in terms of integration
  • Cloud-based QMS can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with just a web browser
  • Security features: Data security, platform security, encryption of data, etc.
  • Software updates and bug fixes are easier (and the burden is on the vendor, not the IT team)
  • Flexibility to configure the QMS as per your process/requirement
  • Cloud-based solutions work better in the context of capturing quality data from the shop floor

Among various cloud-based EQMS solutions, the unique advantages of a Salesforce-based EQMS include:

#1 - Data Capabilities of a Salesforce-based EQMS Solution are top-notch

Today, quality leaders in the manufacturing sector want to make more data-driven decisions. Data visibility and transparency are critical. Additionally, the EQMS solution must make it easy to go from data-to-insight as quickly as possible.

Also, insights gathered from analytics must be actionable and contextual. When a quality leaders is looking at complaints data, for instance, by spotting patterns and trends, they are able to plan a CAPA, and subsequently measure the effectiveness of actions taken.

With a Salesforce-based EQMS solution like ComplianceQuest, it is easy to:

  • Track all Quality KPIs and Metrics that are relevant for a particular stakeholder
  • Configure the system so various team members can track and monitor different KPIs
  • Easy access to data from audits, inspections, equipment management, supplier management, training status, etc.
  • It becomes easy to look at data holistically from across modules including risk management

#2 - Connected Quality Management: Easier to Spot and Fix Systemic Gaps

At ComplianceQuest, we’ve designed and built our solution from the ground up for the cloud. With an EQMS that integrates easily with other business systems including the ERP and CRM, it becomes a single source of truth for all quality data. Within our EQMS, we have a range of modules for risk management, training, supplier management, inspection, audits, CAPA, complaints handling, non-conformance management, etc.

The entire system is truly connected and this makes it easy to drive continuous improvement of quality performance. When you look at data from various modules - audit findings, risk assessment & analysis, equipment data, training and complaint data from customers - in a holistic manner - you’re able to bring about change and drive improvements across processes.

#3 - AI capabilities are a game changer

The Salesforce Platform includes built-in AI capabilities that can be used to enhance your applications with intelligent features, such as predictive analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning.

At CQ, we published a Whitepaper titled ‘Applied AI: Going Beyond the Buzz and Delivering Real Value to Quality Leaders’. In this paper, we discuss how AI and intelligent automation capabilities are truly bringing about change to the practice of quality management. We talk about how at ComplianceQuest we leveraged the Salesforce platform to build amazing AI capabilities on top of that.

Some examples of how AI is being used to enhance QMS processes and workflows:

  • Identify similar audit findings to determine reoccurrence and show related audit findings
  • Suggest audit finding type based on the description of previous similar findings
  • “Recommend” Next Best Action after a non-conformance or issue is spotted
  • Automatically prioritize and categorize risks
  • Automated Categorization and/or Classification of Complaints
  • Core integration automation of Salesforce Services Case to Complaints through intelligent triage

Read our series of Applied AI Blogs to find out more:

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