HIPAA & PHI Best Practices for Patient Recruitment Solution Implementation on Salesforce

Whitepaper | December, 2021

The purpose of this document is to outline some of the HIPAA Security Rule’s standards for protecting electronic protected health information (ePHI), and introduce how some features of the Salesforce Services may help Customers keep ePHI secure in the cloud and considerations on solution implementation approach covering Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Health Cloud, and Salesforce Community Cloud for the purposes of early phase clinical trials patient recruitment solution.

This document also outlines the definition of HIPAA as per rules defined by HHS (Health and Human Services) and further outlines the details on technology implementation considerations, and finally, how HIPAA can be achieved on the Salesforce cloud platform to achieve Customers Patient Recruitment Solution which is proposed to be implemented on Salesforce Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Community Cloud. This document does not cover the HIPAA enforcement rule or Breach notification rule.

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