Top 12 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs a QHSE Built on the Salesforce Platform

Whitepaper | April, 2021

After each and every customer win, we simply ask the buyer why they choose our product. We also understand the various products they had evaluated and try to get a sense of what a customer saw as the primary value proposition of the ComplianceQuest offering.

Of course, the key purpose of these customer conversations is to gain feedback and inputs for our product. These conversations are critical for us to continue to innovate and ensure the roadmap is congruent with market requirements.

Deeply understanding what customers want, need, and committing to delivery to ensure customer success is truly a game-changer. Product leaders work closely with teams across customer success, engineering, marketing, and domain-specific subject matter experts to bring the final product to fruition. It is also a never-ending process of continuous innovation, fine-tuning, and development. But, one aspect is loud and clear. Our customers absolutely love that we offer a QHSE that is built on the Salesforce Platform. It makes the product flexible, scalable, extensible, and easily integrates with the company’s ERP, CRM, and other business critical IT systems.

In this whitepaper, we share 12 reasons why a QHSE built on the Salesforce platform can be extremely useful and effective for your business. We selected each of these reasons from numerous customer conversations we’ve had over the years.

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