August 26th, 2021 | 59:28

Next Wave of Innovation: Riding Digital Transformation throughout Medical Device Value Chain

With the disruption to global supply chains, manufacturers had to quickly adapt and respond to meet the expectations of the market, while still managing the arduous process of regulatory approvals.  The impact on the medical manufacturing process has resulted in more complexity in tracking and tracing, as well as introduction of quality processes to new suppliers.

Medical Device players, facing unique opportunities and headwinds, will have to reinvent themselves and change the way their products are manufactured and serviced. They’ll also need to reimagine processes to dramatically reduce costs and accelerate decision making. And they’ll need to understand the regulatory implications for the new all-digital world. But for big changes to take hold and deliver lasting impact, they need to be woven into the organization’s DNA. How do you get there?

Join our expert panelists to hear real stories of digital transformation, the challenges, and the adoption of flexible digital platforms helping MD&D companies increase speed-to-market, improve cost-efficiency, and maintain high quality necessary to achieve regulatory compliance in this new all-digital world.

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