Press Release | June 28th, 2022

ComplianceQuest Unveils Summer ’22 Release with Power-packed Features and New Products Including Design Controls, Lab Investigation (OOS/OOT) and Expanded AI Capabilities

ComplianceQuest, the leading provider of next-generation AI-Powered Quality and Safety Management solutions, announced today two new products and expanded AI capabilities in its Summer ’22 major release. The release also introduces UI updates and functional enhancements to its Salesforce-native Quality and Safety platform.

“The two new products in this release are a testament to our continued effort to help our customers bring a truly innovative approach to their quality, compliance, and safety initiatives from innovation to customer success,” said Atulya Risal, Chief Product/Technology Officer. “It also expands ComplianceQuest capabilities into Engineering, allowing for tighter collaboration between engineers, quality, manufacturing, supply chain and safety in the design and development process with full visibility across the entire product value chain.

ComplianceQuest’s new Design Controls solution helps customers bring higher quality products to market quicker, while ensuring effortlessly compliant documentation. With CQ’s Design Controls solution, engineering leaders can invite their teams to work on easily accessible design files, as well as assign and track actions for each team member based on deliverables. Modern collaboration tools such as Chatter and Design Review management are built-in to help teams collaborate in real-time while maintaining effortless documentation of project progress. The solution includes Project Management, Design Review Meetings, Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), Product Risk, Design History Files (DHF), and a Design Control living document that serve as a single source of truth for all product requirements, risks, and changes to a product design.

ComplianceQuest also expanded its Quality offering by introducing QA/QC Laboratory Investigations that helps life sciences companies ensure a systematic and efficient approach to OOS/OOT investigations. The new product comes with a configurable, pre-built checklist that makes it easier for quality teams to find the assignable or root cause of every OOS/OOT test result and then act on it. Automated alerts and collaboration tools enable quality teams to coordinate full scale investigations, while embedded risk management ensures compliance with global regulatory standards.

“We’re also expanding the limit on what can be done with AI in Quality,” said Risal. “This includes functionality to help in detecting duplicates and automatically merging them, searching for similar records to minimize repetitive data entry, finding semantically similar descriptions to start an investigation or show related records, or even recommend escalation to a CAPA,” explained Risal. By further expanding on its existing AI capabilities such as advanced decision making, task hyper-automation, recommendations and intelligent analytics, ComplianceQuest is making proactive and predictive quality management a reality. The 2022 Summer Release offers customers the ability to greatly reduce their cost of quality at a time when it is most needed.

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Transform to a fully connected business with a next-generation AI-Powered Quality and Safety management platform, built on Salesforce. Our connected suite of solutions helps businesses of all sizes increase quality, safety and efficiency as they bring their products from concept to customer success.

Our intelligent data-driven platform comes with best-in-class integrated processes to mitigate risks, protecting your employees, suppliers and brand reputation, and to increase innovation, compliance, profit and customer loyalty. ComplianceQuest is pre-validated and easy to implement, use, and maintain, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration across the product value chain.

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