The inherent advantages of building an EQMS on the Platform
Blog | July 25th, 2019

The inherent advantages of building an EQMS on the Platform

The leadership team at CQ has been a part of the Quality and Compliance industry for over 25+ years now. When the ComplianceQuest mission statement was established, we were extremely clear on two fronts; One, we wanted to build a best-in-class, next-generation EQMS on the Real Cloud. Two, we wanted to build a platform that was customizable so we could help clients across sectors (including healthcare/life sciences, manufacturing, technology, automotive, aerospace and CPG segments) and stages (from startups to Fortune 500 corporations).

In the first two articles as part of this blog series – we focused on the inherent advantages of real cloud, while also highlighting the reasons why customers often struggle with ‘Fake Cloud’ solutions.

In this post, we delve deep into why ComplianceQuest was built on the Platform, one of the most secure, connected and flexible platforms to build real cloud-based solutions. Also, we will explain why a real cloud solution is a must in the case of an EQMS product.

But first – why Platform?

As we have mentioned in the post – the CQ Team had spent several years in the EQMS sector. There were five major trends that we had noticed in the early days of building our solution. All these trends were noticed thanks to a clear focus on listening to our customers.

  • Rapid Digital Transformation: Our target customers – from healthcare to manufacturing, from startups to large, global corporations – were keen on building a highly automated process to manage Quality and Compliance. Their teams were looking for solutions that were customizable, affordable, yet deeply nuanced to meet their quality/compliance needs.
  • Flexible Scalable: The CQ Product, right from Day Zero, was built with a keen eye on fulfilling customer needs. We realized that customers wanted a scalable solution – both in terms of modules they would use as well as no. of users. They wanted to integrate with other ERP, CRM, and Inventory systems. They wanted custom features built in; they wanted multi-language capabilities, and they wanted data visibility.
  • High quality dashboards, reporting and mobile-readiness: Additionally, we needed to build a powerful platform with wonderful end-user experience. The purpose of an EQMS was not only about fulfilling basic quality and compliance needs, but also a platform that would enable collaboration and display data-driven insights. Our customers wanted readily deployable mobile apps to view quality data/metrics on the move.
  • Proven Platform: Most importantly, they wanted a long-term solution built on a proven platform – which was highly secure and reliable.
  • Data Visibility: Last but not the least, the data from an EQMS was extremely relevant for decision-making. It was important to have data and metrics from the entire product lifecycle, including customer and supplier data, visible to key stakeholders.

We decided to build on the for all of the reasons mentioned above. It was a proven platform with a large number of users; Prospective customers wanted a familiar ‘real cloud’ solution, one that could easily integrate with other products. And, needless to add, our product managers evaluated multiple platforms and believed the collaboration/mobile features in were ideal for enterprise users.

Once we decided on the platform, we architected an EQMS with twelve broad level Solutions.

  • Audit
  • CAPA
  • Change
  • Complaints
  • Document
  • Equipment
  • Incident
  • Inspection
  • Non-conformance
  • Supplier
  • Training
  • Risk

The modularization was critical – as clients could pick and choose modules of focus. For example, in the healthcare segment, we helped numerous customers all over the world with Audit, CAPA and Document Management Solutions, when they were gearing up for ISO 13485:2016 compliance. Over time, these customers added Supplier and Training modules. Today, we’ve customers who use all our 12 modules, across the entire lifecycle of their operations – but that’s not where they started. The key here was to have a solution for all possible processes within Quality and Compliance, yet offer custom modules as needed.

At a platform level – dashboards, languages & localization, idea management, collaboration, reports, analytics and security were all the key features.

We are convinced that ComplianceQuest built on the is the best solution for all your Quality & Compliance processes.

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