10 Reasons Why Your QMS Needs To Be On the Salesforce Platform
Blog | November 17th, 2023

10 Reasons Why Your QMS Needs To Be On the Salesforce Platform

One of our customers, a division of a Fortune 500 healthcare and pharmaceutical giant, was looking for “a better way” to streamline quality and compliance processes. The company already had a QMS in place but there were several challenges including the following:

  • The legacy QMS had a non-intuitive user interface and employee adoption was a challenge.
  • It was inflexible and rigid and made it difficult for the quality and compliance teams to configure the solution as per new customer quality requirements.
  • Renewing and upgrading the legacy QMS was proving to be very expensive.
  • Since the user base was large, there were infrastructure bottlenecks to scale (both financial and operational bottlenecks).

The quality leadership team decided to evaluate some new options and eventually chose ComplianceQuest for the following reasons:

  • An All-in-One Out of the Box Quality platform.
  • Configurable workflows and processes.
  • CQ is built on the Salesforce platform making it scalable, flexible, and reliable.
  • Integration with other business processes/systems was seamless.
  • CQ’s solution with AI and data capabilities was the need of the hour.
  • Our robust Nonconformance, CAPA, and Audit modules were game-changers for the customer.
  • Overall, the CQ system enabled operational efficiency, and improved quality - at a much lower cost compared to the alternatives.

One of the underlying reasons for several of these advantages is that ComplianceQuest is built on the Salesforce platform. Infrastructure-related challenges are taken away from the equation, and companies just need to focus on the real issues, i.e., better quality and operational efficiency.

Pillars of Total Worker Health

Advantage Salesforce

At ComplianceQuest, we published a Whitepaper titled Which Cloud Platform Powers Your Next-Gen Quality and Safety Management Solution? A Comparison: Salesforce vs. AWS and Azure”.

In the paper, we highlight the key benefits of the Salesforce Platform, which is designed to deliver the following:

  • A multi-tenant SaaS application that is available for various customers to use.
  • Data and information security.
  • Compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC 1, SOC 2.
  • Automatic disaster recovery, with necessary backups, is automatically setup.
  • Ongoing vulnerability assessment, with automatic upgrades and patches, is taken for granted.
  • Scalability
  • High availability
  • Platform-level tools like Chatter (for collaboration) and Einstein Analytics (for charts and dashboards) to leverage and build on. In the case of AWS, for instance, Amazon Chime can be configured for collaboration but the process is not seamless and pricing may be a bottleneck.
  • Flexibility and easy configuration capabilities make it easy to automate the QHSE workflow as per the demands of the business.

Overall, from a value proposition standpoint, Salesforce is better for two key reasons: lower TCO and faster time-to-value (TTV).

Top 10 Benefits of a Salesforce-based QMS

Here are some compelling reasons why companies should consider using a Salesforce-based EQMS solution:

  • Seamless Integration: Salesforce offers seamless integration with other systems such as ERPs, CRMs, and analytics tools. This makes it easier in terms of data visibility, collaboration, and access to quality-related documents for all stakeholders.
  • Automatic Updates: The Salesforce Platform brings to the fore several advantages including lower setup costs, automatic updates, flexibility, scalability, and accessibility from anywhere.
  • Configuration: The Salesforce platform is highly configurable – allowing companies to tailor it to their specific QMS needs and workflows.
  • Adoption by users: With an intuitive interface and ease of use, Salesforce can have higher user adoption across the organization compared to complex legacy QMS platforms.
  • Automation and Cross-Department Collaboration: With AI and custom rules you can automate tedious and repetitive tasks so your workforce can focus on higher-value tasks, enjoy better data quality, and flag issues that might go unnoticed. It streamlines the entire quality management lifecycle, across departments.
  • Mobile Access: Salesforce apps allow quality teams to access real-time QMS data and take action via mobile devices. This improves responsiveness, and it drives operational efficiency by enabling users to complete “next steps” as planned.
  • Collaboration: Salesforce collaboration tools like Chatter facilitate team communication and transparency across process stakeholders.
  • Reporting and analytics for better decision-making: Strong reporting capabilities in Salesforce help visualize QMS data for audits, management reviews, continuous improvement, etc.
  • Customer alignment: For customer-centric businesses, Salesforce provides a way to integrate existing quality data with CRM systems for better customer experiences.
  • Lower Costs: Lower IT infrastructure and admin costs are possible with a Salesforce-based QMS compared to on-premise legacy systems.

Transform your organization’s quality function into an enabler: Boost efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and trim costs with a fully connected, AI-powered quality management solution. For more information, visit: https://www.compliancequest.com/quality/

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