Important Reminder for Safety Professionals: OSHA Deadline Approaching!
Blog | February 27th, 2023

Important Reminder for Safety Professionals: OSHA Deadline Approaching!

Attention all safety professionals! Don’t let the upcoming OSHA reporting deadline and increased penalties catch you off guard! Mark your calendars for March 2, 2023, as it is the last day to report workplace injury and illness data of 2022 to OSHA. It is not just about avoiding fines; it is about creating safer work practices and a healthy work environment for your employees.

Employers who are non compliant with OSHA regulations are facing more financial burden as OSHA violations become increasingly expensive, putting additional pressure on them. Moreover, in light of inflation, OSHA has recently increased its minimum and maximum penalties for workplace safety and health violations by a significant 7.7%!

Businesses are required to consider any injury or illness that is responsible for:

  • Death
  • Absenteeism
  • Restricted work or transfer to another job
  • Medical treatment beyond first aid
  • Loss of consciousness

If an injury or illness is diagnosed by a physician or other licensed healthcare professionals, and even if it does not cause any of the above, it must be recorded and reported.

As you would know, this record is also called the OSHA Form 300 and includes details such as where and when the injury occurred, the nature of the injury or illness, the name and job title of the employee who was injured or became sick, and the number of days the person was away from work or on restricted, or light duty, if any. This, along with Form 301 Incident Report, must be submitted to OSHA within seven calendar days after the employer is notified about an injury or illness in the organization.

Read more in this blog on best practices when completing OSHA 300 forms, recording work-related injuries and illnesses and more.

Our Safety Essentials is your one-stop shop data management software for all your OSHA compliance needs. With our industry-proven solution, you can simplify the process of collecting and reporting safety data, generate OSHA 300A summaries, and ensure that your workplace remains safe and compliant.

Designed specifically for growing companies, CQ’s Safety Essentials is a Safety Management software package that gives organizations tools to ensure safe people, a safe place, and a safe process.

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Safe Processes: Ensure a consistent framework for best practices and processes

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