Why an Integrated ERP, EQMS, and CRM May Hold the Key to Transforming Your Complaints Management Process
Blog | February 18th, 2021

Why an Integrated ERP, EQMS, and CRM May Hold the Key to Transforming Your Complaints Management Process

A research-driven medical device manufacturing company specializing in drug-free pain management chose to implement ComplianceQuest to automate its complaints management process. The company, which had gotten FDA approval, was selling a revolutionary product that served different types of customers including hospitals, surgery centers, and pain management practitioners. The management of complaints and proactive customer feedback was critical to their mission of building revolutionary products for drug-free pain management. Complaints data was also part of the feedback loop into their R&D process to further improve their product.

But, there was a challenge.

The company used a mix of manual processes and on-premise software for quality control and management of complaints. This approach was extremely inefficient and the lack of agility in resolving complaints was clearly noticed.

The company’s quality director pushed for digital transformation and automation of the entire quality management workflow. The quality team also realized that an integrated cloud-based ERP, EQMS, and CRM will make the entire business process seamless and efficient. The company implemented Rootstock (ERP), ComplianceQuest (EQMS), and Salesforce (CRM), replacing a range of disparate business systems.

While complaints management was the trigger, the company implemented the following EQMS modules:

Read the detailed case study of this company here:

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In this blog, we highlight three key reasons why an integrated ERP, EQMS, and CRM can completely transform the complaints management process.

3 Reasons Why Integrated ERP, EQMS and CRM Can Completely Transform your Complaints Management Process

Seamless flow of data across internal ops, customer-facing touchpoints, and quality control

While a particular customer complaint may be captured in the CRM or a customer support software, relevant data and information must be transferred to the quality management function. The quality team spearheads the process of conducting RCA (root cause analysis) and taking CAPA (corrective action, preventive action). This could trigger a series of further steps including an inspection, audit, or equipment maintenance.

Outside of the quality control workflow, the complaint could have an impact on inventory management, logistics, production, sales order processing or engineering. All of this data is captured in the ERP. Needless to say, all customer-centric information, data, and communication are captured in the CRM.

When there is seamless integration of an ERP, EQMS, and CRM, there are higher levels of data visibility and transparency. It helps business leaders in using data analytics and AI-based predictive modeling to improve overall operational efficiency.

Our customer, Aphria’s CIO talks about the implementation of ERP (Rootstock), EQMS (ComplianceQuest) and CRM (Salesforce) for their fast growing multinational business in this podcast.

Customized dashboards add more visibility

The EQMS also doubles up as a single source of truth for all quality-related data. For data outside the quality realm, it is just an API call away — residing in the ERP or CRM.

With ComplianceQuest, business users are able to build a series of customized dashboards, that make it easy to make sense of data and garner insights. This holds the key to handling complaints with agility and nimbleness.

Ease of collaboration

It is important to note here that an EQMS like ComplianceQuest also serves as a system of collaboration. It makes it simple to work with various stakeholders to resolve complaints in the short-term and prevent the same errors from occurring in the long-run.

Having the ERP and EQMS integrated also ensures that quality workflows and other business processes like logistics and inventory management go hand-in-hand. It ensures that relevant business leaders have a finger on the pulse of all business metrics that matter to them.

As they say, what gets measured, gets improved. And, an integrated set of business systems allows for a data-driven approach delivering both operational and quality excellence. These two together is critical to delivering customer excellence.

To understand more about ComplianceQuest’s Complaints Management solution, click here:

“Now that everything is automated, our people can focus on projects that add value to the company instead of administrative tasks. By concentrating on high-level objectives, our team can make smarter business decisions.”– Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems, at a research-based medical device manufacturing company

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