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A well-designed EHS system integrates with the organization’s existing ERP, CRM and EQMS systems to ensure automation of all key processes across the organization. This includes internal processes, supplier management, logistics, health & safety processes, environmental management workflow and all customer-centric departments. Therefore, when adopting a digitial system, it is vital to ensure that you have enlisted all the expectations from the EHS solution. To know the Key Questions to Ask Before Buying an EHS digital solution for Your Enterprise, read our whitepaper here

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The most compelling reasons for implementing a Unified EHS solution in your organization

By linking an organization’s key processes end-to-end, you will have have a unified view of all matters pertaining to health & safety. This view enables making informed decisions based on facts. More importantly, this data is available in real-time to all key stakeholders.

Best in class EHS solutions will have dashboards and reports for predictive and proactive analytics, letting you capture trends and devise strategies for future growth. The next era of health, safety and environmental management will be data-driven and therefore the need for an analytical approach is paramount.

A next-generation health & safety management system will also aid in identifying trends and patterns, based on enterprise-wide data. This enterprise-wide data will be available only if your EHS is truly integrated with your ERP, CRM and EQMS. Ideally, this should also include an integrated approach for document and training management.

Irrespective of whether your organization’s ERP is on Oracle, SAP, Rootstock or anything else, your CRM or Salesforce or any other platform – your EHS system must seamlessly integrate with your ERP, CRM (and even the EQMS) through an open API.

To help you walk through the technology identification and selection process, to pave the guiding path that will help you select the exact technology solution, we have put together a framework, a ready reckoner or as some may call it the ‘Buyer’s Guide’ which covers the following key points.

  • Determine the most compelling reason to implement an EHS Solution
  • It is always efficient to take the digital route than manual systems
  • Cloud based or On-Premise system? Choose wisely!
  • Scalability – a significant factor to be considered
  • Estimate the ‘right’ duration to implement the EHS Solution
  • Map the size of your company with the EHS solution, focus on scalability too!
  • Ensure that the system integrates with your existing solutions (ERP, CRM, EQMS) seamlessly
  • Assess the return on investment while choosing the EHS Solution
  • Sales pitch v/s reality – Carefully evaluate this!
  • Consider the ease of migration from existing to new solution

To know the Key Questions to Ask Before Buying an EHS digital solution for Your Enterprise, read our whitepaper here

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