Safety Control Tower - Features and Usage
Blog | May 14th, 2022

Safety Control Tower - Features and Usage

Today, there is also a growing understanding of the importance of employee well-being and its impact on business and financial performance.

While safety objectives are important, they are only effective if the health and safety team has access to relevant data and the safety management system is digitalized.

Data visibility will ensure that safety professionals have a pulse on all lagging indicators, such as incident types or vulnerable sites with high incident rates. However, measuring only lagging indicators is insufficient. It is critical to recognize all leading indicators as well.

This blog explores the features and usage of the Safety Control Tower and how it can help various stakeholders with safety data visibility. This blog is an excerpt from the whitepaper Safety Control Tower: Diving from 50,000 Feet to 5 Feet in a Jiffy

Key Features of Safety Control Tower

The Safety Control Towers are an industry-first feature that allows you to visualize key metrics relevant to your organization via highly interactive dashboards and charts. It provides an intelligent way to monitor all health and safety actions.

Because of the following key capabilities, a modern Safety Control Tower, such as the one provided by ComplianceQuest, enables organizational leaders to respond to and correct issues as they arise:

  • Dashboards, notifications, and integration of multiple business systems provide real-time data visibility from across the value chain.
  • Root-cause analysis, simulations, what-if scenario analysis, risk analysis, and response management analytics.
  • Information dissemination to relevant stakeholders, as well as action plans.
  • Evaluation of results.
  • Business leaders or operational owners can also drill down further on specific operational metrics to deep dive and analyze any particular KPI as needed.
  • In addition, our solution makes use of CQ.AI, ComplianceQuest’s artificial intelligence framework, to assist leaders in leveraging predictive intelligence and actionable insights.

How Different Stakeholders Can Make Use of the Safety Control Tower

The control tower is the first screen that executive leaders need to see. They gain easy visibility into the big picture by going through all of the dashboards, charts, and data. If necessary, drill-down and examine safety data by location, incident type, injury profile, days away from work, and so on.

The safety team can capture injury trends, monitor risk levels, plan risk mitigation efforts, and so on by looking at data both top-down and bottom-up.

Because of the direct impact of safety metrics on business growth and regulatory compliance, the safety manager at the site or corporate level is now responsible for streamlining and automating all safety management efforts within their department. To do so, they must first understand the high-risk areas specific to the site, function, and even body part most affected. CQ’s Safety Control Tower makes this process extremely simple.

The ComplianceQuest Control Tower has some distinctive features that make gathering insights quick and easy. An interactive body map, an anthropomorphic data representation, is used to visually present the injury data for each body part, making it easy to visualize.

Views for various locations can be generated in a single dashboard. Each location will have a unique set of injuries that will necessitate unique solutions. In a factory, for example, injuries to the hand or head may be more common. There is a higher risk of back injury and other ergonomics-related injuries in the workplace.

CQ’s Safety Control Tower enables safety leaders to easily analyze data, bringing agility to the entire process of developing an ever-improving safety management system.

This body map can be easily shared with other team members via Chatter, the chat app, or embedded in an email or a presentation. Conversations about this data can be tracked and monitored, providing complete visibility into the entire safety management process.

As a result, decision-making is enabled through the use of actionable data, facilitating prioritization and action recommendations for high-risk factors.

End-to-End Safety Management with ComplianceQuest

The Safety Control Tower improves the overall effectiveness of ComplianceQuest’s cloud based EHS solution. It is a comprehensive solution for improving workplace health and safety, with the following features:

  • Environmental and Sustainability: Making it easier to manage, track, and analyze environmental and sustainability metrics.
  • Health and Safety – Incident Management: For incident reporting and management
  • Management Review: Management of safety-related review meetings from start to finish using a data tower to improve your quality and safety systems.
  • Risk: Tracking, evaluating, mitigating, and monitoring operational risks
  • Supplier: Reduce supply chain risks
  • Training: Identify gaps and tailor safe behavior training to create a safe culture
  • Documentation and Reporting: From easy access to safety policy documents to all checklists to implement standard operating procedures, a robust document management workflow is at the heart of building a safety culture

ComplianceQuest’s EHS Solution for Integrated Safety Control Tower

Do you want to run a data-driven management review process in your organization to raise safety standards? Are you looking for a cutting-edge EHS solution that includes a world-class Safety Control Tower for tracking injury and incident data?

If this is the case, ComplianceQuest has a next-generation management review product that includes an AI-powered Safety Control Tower.

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