Why Supplier Quality Management is Critical to a Manufacturer’s Success

Whitepaper | January, 2018

Manufacturers need to take a much more demand-driven approach in integrating quality management and compliance throughout their organizations. Going beyond the mindset that compliance to baseline requirement is “good enough”. This is essential for any manufacturer to survive in the highly regulated and increasingly litigious environment that many industries operate in today. Seeing their specific industry requirements as just the beginning of the manufacturing business is going to turn supplier quality management into a core part of who they are.

How well a manufacturer manages supplier compliance and quality management says a lot about how they are managing customer relationships, and needs to be seen through a customer-centric lens to reach its full potential.

By choosing to manage manufacturing processes using supplier quality management measures, a manufacturer can alleviate many unnecessary, hidden costs. This whitepaper gives you examples of how much supplier non-compliance costs manufacturers and the industry.

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