Impact of Innovative Technologies on Safety Culture

Whitepaper | March, 2022

Workplace safety is critical in any company because everyone wants to work in a safe and secure environment. To promote and improve the wellness of both employees and employers, health and safety are critical aspects in all businesses. Every industry has its own set of hazards, and management should devote effort to ensuring that their employees are always safe and comfortable.

Because healthy employees are productive employees, and productive people have a positive influence on the company’s bottom line, there is ample evidence that good health and safety practices can enhance productivity. When employees feel insecure at work or that their managers are unconcerned about their well-being, productivity suffers.

Building a successful safety culture requires more than just the proper software solution; innovative technologies are a critical tool that aids the process and engages employees in the development of a culture that prioritizes safety.

Key takeaways from this video whitepaper:

  • How mobile apps for EHS are driving engagement and empowering frontline workers?
  • How digital training tools can help to deploy relevant and impactful training to build a safety culture?
  • How wearable devices can be used to improve worker health and safety?
  • How connected ecosystems are transforming frontline workers into key components of effective EHS program?
  • And more.

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