Here’s Why Today’s Complaints Process Needs to be More Proactive

Whitepaper | March, 2022

It is seen that even with the well-defined requirements from different regulatory bodies, the number of complaints-related observations keep increasing year on year. So, what can be done to minimize that?

Rather than viewing the complaint-handling process as a burden, leading medical device companies highly value them. The information gathered from the complaints process aids in the development of better, safer products, the reduction of labor costs, and the reduction of plant downtime.

One of the most valued ways to monitor product quality and provide feedback to the design, production, technical support, sales, and marketing teams is to implement a well-designed complaint recording system. A system like this is a crucial part of a complete proactive complaint handling solution as well as risk management.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Operational challenges and regulatory trends in the complaints handling process
  • Understanding of industry transformational needs in complaints management
  • Outcomes of transformational initiatives
  • And more

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