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Complaint Handling System

Complaint Handling System


No matter what product or service your company provides, you are likely to receive customer complaints. Being unable to manage those customer complaints could damage your business reputation, customer relationships, and compliance. Since customer satisfaction is critical for running a successful business, a robust complaint handling system is a must. 

Integrating it with a quality management system can help with continuous improvement based on insights drawn from customer feedback to constantly improve customer delight. ComplianceQuest’s complaint handling system can help you to address customer issues on time and increase customer confidence along with

  • Drive business growth
  • Streamline efficiency into operations with AI-driven insights and guidance
  • Improve regulatory compliance
Complaint Handling System
Complaint Management System

Overview of Complaint Handling System

Complaints are an unavoidable part of a business. An effective complaint management system can help to address customer complaints in a timely manner. This can also help preserve your business’s reputation, provide data for identifying the systemic product or process issues while ensuring high standards of compliance.

ComplianceQuest’s Complaints Management Software can help you to manage and implement the entire complaint lifecycle efficiently along with

  • Protecting brand reputation and increasing customer satisfaction by ensuring that complaints are investigated and responded to on-time
  • Improving overall service levels by ensuring complaints are adequately dealt with promptly and guidance
  • Reducing compliance risk by accelerating consistent triage, handoffs, approvals, identifying systemic problems to prevent potential repeat complaints
  • Providing access to complete and accurate information on all current and historical complaint data for audit and inspection readiness
  • Detecting adverse events and enabling electronic submission of regulatory reports on time
  • Improving investigations for identifying product or service shortfalls, resolving complaints efficiently, and leveraging data to drive CI and product innovation
Complaint Handling System

Complaint Handling System to Improve Complaints Management Process

Every organization needs a robust complaint handling system to improve the complaint management process. Organizations can track each complaint through its lifecycle from recording and initiation to an investigation, regulatory assessment reporting, and closure with the help of ComplianceQuest’s Complaint Management System. By optimizing with an intelligent platform, CQ also enables the continuous improvement (CI) of workflows and processes and speeds up innovation throughout the product lifecycle. 

An effective complaint handling system can help to improve the complaint process by providing numerous benefits to an organization including

  • A systematic and seamless system for managing complaints and complaint data and having a more predictable and positive customer relationship.
  • Improving the complaint handling process continuously based on performance review.
  • Capturing data consistently and customizing the system based on your organization’s needs.

Benefits of an Advanced Complaint Handling System with AI and Predictive Analytics Capabilities

Many companies today rely on intelligent platforms and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, collaborative tools, and real-time data/analytics for informed decision making, improving customer experience, and solving their challenges at record speed.

ComplianceQuest’s Complaint Management system enables you to queue all complaints that require further triaging. Then, the complaint coordinator reviews the triage complaints based on risk level by using data and the Artificial Intelligence framework of Einstein Predictive Analytics.

Once the triage is completed, a complaint is routed based on the type, urgency, location, or whatever variables are needed by an organization for additional inquiries and assessed to report to a regulatory authority. Following this, the relevant departments and personnel get notification automatically, and based on the complaint’s severity and priority, escalation mechanisms are triggered.

Complaint Handling System


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Integrating complaints handling with CRM, ERP, and other systems are essential for an end-to-end view of operations and driving continuous improvement (CI) of processes and workflows. Integrating the quality management system with an ERP, EQMS, and CRM can provide you with comprehensive data visibility and transparency. AI-based predictive modeling and data analytics can help business leaders to enhance their operational efficiency. When a particular customer complaint is captured in the CRM or a customer support software, a seamless flow of relevant data and information across internal ops, customer-facing touchpoints, and quality control must be transferred to the quality management function. Conducting RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and taking CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action) could trigger multiple steps including an audit, inspection, or equipment maintenance.

By automating complaints handling with the ComplianceQuest solution and connecting it with a Cloud ERP, the company can drive efficiency and track products throughout their lifecycle to prevent recurrence of issues.

Real-time Visibility Using Customized Dashboards – ComplianceQuest can help to get extensive visibility of data and generate insights using a series of customized dashboards. This can help manage complaints with agility and scalability.

Collabration – Blending with ERP and EQMS ensures that quality workflows and other business processes like inventory management and logistics go hand-in-hand. This also can help to avoid errors from occurring and resolve complaints in the short run.

An integrated set of business systems allows access to information and documentation easily, collaboration with key stakeholders, and dealing with customer complaints. Thus, you can streamline operations and enhance the efficiency of the complaint handling process.

Integrating with REST API and CRM, ComplianceQuest’s EQMS can provide your sales, field services, and customer service personnel visibility into the status of each complaint.

Improved Customer Service – Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for every organization. A flexible, scalable, and customizable complaint management system can help the relevant stakeholder deliver a real-time response to a customer complaint. Automation of compliant handling solutions provides a 360-degree view of the customer from sales and quality perspectives, reducing complaint closure time, investigation cycle time, and streamlining intake.

Get Organization-Wide Visibility – Automation of compliant handling can help an organization to increase the productivity of the quality team. The information from complaints data can improve complaint handling efficiency and lead to profitability.Additionally, digital transformation of the Complaint Handling Process can help to improve regulatory compliance, mitigate regulatory risks, and reduce the cost of compliance through less time and cost of processing complaints.

ComplianceQuest’s Complaint Handling System ensures quality and compliance by having complete control over how customer complaints are gathered, recorded, reported, and traced complying with industry regulations and guidelines.

CQ Complaint Handling System helps quality assurance leaders to automate the process of regulatory submissions. This can also help generate and submit the ESG reports and MedWatch Form FDA 3500 through the approved and validated AS2 Gateway.

The following features of the CQ Complaint Management system enable automating the complaint management system from intake to resolution while helping to meet regulatory requirements of documentation and reporting.

  • In-take: his captures complaints from mobile and several media and then routes it for further triaging.
  • Initiation and Triaging: This feature helps to queue up notification of complaints for further triaging by the relevant complaint manager.
  • Regulatory evaluation: Its embedded decision tree capability can help identify reportable adverse impacts and the type of the report.
  • FDA Electronic Gateway and Regulatory Reporting: This helps to manage timelines for regulatory submissions and regulatory evaluations.
  • Reviewing Product History: You can obtain a deeper understanding of performance by reviewing product history and getting significant inputs for root cause analysis.
  • 5 Why Root Cause Analysis: Subject matter experts and complaint handlers can collaborate to perform root cause analysis to collect and review key performing indicators/metrics and effect continuous improvement. A robust complaint system can help you to prevent recurrence with thorough root cause investigation while effective corrective actions are completed.
  • CAPA Assessments: You can assess complaints against CAPA requirements and get CAPA results (including investigation, CAPA actions, and verifications).
  • Collaboration: Chatter can help you with a transaction-based communication approach and social networking.
  • Integrating with CRM:Integrating compliant handling with CRM seamlessly can provide thorough visibility along with a timely response to customer complaints.
  • Analytics and Reporting:You can customize reports and dashboards for faster decision-making using pre-developed best practice-based reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an AI-powered complaint handling system?
ComplianceQuest’s AI-powered complaint handling system ensures ROI by delivering the following business outcomes:

  • Act immediately to resolve a complaint and deliver a solution to the customer
  • Avoid repeat occurrences of the same mistakes using complaint data
  • Take corrective and preventive actions with nimbleness
  • Identify challenges and take corrective action
  • Finds out opportunities for improvement
  • Address any regulatory violations that show up
  • Proactively prevent litigation by resolving complaints promptly
We have to talk about what value AI brings to the tool, with specific AI capabilities – decision tree, automated triage, predictive analytics etc etc… Currently, the above points are a mix of automated and manual benefits – they feel too generic, not clear how these things get achieved.
Does your complaint handling solution have integrated investigation and root cause analysis functionality?

ComplianceQuest provides a robust platform that allows both subject matter experts and complaint handlers to perform root cause analysis from single or multiple sites. The complaint data from root cause analysis is essential information to prevent its occurrence or reoccurrence.

Having integrated investigation and 5-Why root cause analysis functionality, CQ complaint handling solution helps to record root causes, attach demonstration, and capture decisions as per investigation. Investigators can re-use previously performed investigations using the cloning capability.

Why does your organization need a cloud-based complaint handling solution?

CQ’s cCloud-based complaint handling solution is agile, flexible, effective, which enables collaboration between remote teams. The platform uses an agile methodology, that empowers employees and partners to work remotely and access the systems with having proper authentication and security. ComplianceQuest’s agile-based system implementation methodology can help you to streamline deployment, meet the business’s specific requirements regardless of its size.

Designed on a cloud-based platform, ComplianceQuest’s Complaints Management System can

  • Easily meet businesses expansion being a cost-effective solution
  • Fits perfectly into the several workflows of different customers
  • Eliminate silos by creating an ecosystem
Can you submit complaints to the FDA in just one click with your complaint handling solution?

CQ’s complaint handling solution can help you in submitting Complaint data to FDA in just one click with the help of a fully integrated MDR e-Gateway. Therefore, you can reduce complexity and streamline the workflow while sending out reports and receiving acknowledgments through the FDA Electronic Submission Gateway (ESG)​.

This solution also enables you to automatically generate an XML file and then transmit it to the FDA ESG FAER database including attachments and any follow-up reports in case of high volume complaints. You can minimize manual effort and improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need to submit files through the FDA’s e-Submitter.

An integrated, cloud-based complaint management solution like the one from ComplianceQuest supports the latest HL7 R3, ICSR R2, XML, and AS2 protocol with client digital certificate.

Is your complaint handling solution designed for collaboration?

One of the greatest advantages of ComplianceQuest’s complaint handling solution is that it facilitates collaboration. With the help of Chatter, the platform’s real-time Salesforce-based enterprise collaboration software, you can reach out to others across the enterprise. Moreover, with our automation capabilities, customer success leaders can work collaboratively with field sales and services, quality, engineering, and operations leaders to address a customer complaint timely and efficiently.

Why Complaint Handling is an Integral Part of Regulatory Compliance?

In every regulated industry, effective customer complaints handling and regulatory compliance are critical. ComplianceQuest’s complaint handling system can help to standardize the complaints management process while providing you with complete customer insights. Thus, you can improve profitability, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform, Salesforce, ComplianceQuest’s EQMS Suite helps enterprises align their quality processes with their business objectives while mitigating operational challenges. ComplianceQuest’s next-generation solution can help to handle customer complaints promptly to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

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