How to Improve the Complaints Intake Process

Whitepaper | October, 2022

Complaints can come from anywhere. Although they cannot be fully eliminated, they can be greatly minimized. And this requires a good comprehension of the complaint handling fundamentals with an efficient complaints intake process.

Rather than viewing the complaint-handling process as a burden, leading medical device companies highly value them. The data complaints generate help them develop better, safer products, lower labor costs, and reduce plant downtime. A well-designed complaint capture system is one of the most valued means to monitor the quality of the product and provide feedback to the design, manufacturing, technical support, sales, and marketing teams.

Complaint handling is a regulatory obligation and a critical risk-reduction tool.

When a company receives a complaint about a product in the market, it will need to rigorously document and evaluate the same using the company’s customer complaint handling process.

In this video whitepaper, we will talk about why the complaints intake process is so important in the complaints handling process and why it is crucial to collect all the necessary information correctly the very first time.

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