Driving New Product Introduction - ComplianceQuest
Webinar | August 12th, 2021

Driving New Product Introduction with Endless Regulatory Change

MDSAP and EU MDR/IVDR are posing additional challenges for medical manufacturers as they perform design controls. As regulations continue to evolve companies must change the old ways of thinking about quality as a policing center for regulated business enterprises and look to quality to synergize Lean and Innovation regardless of the economic environment.

Join us and we will share industry best practices, tools, and techniques that place quality at product development’s epicenter by leveraging quality engineering principles, systems engineering, problem-solving, kaizens, and quality analytics to ensure robust quality. This webinar provides a roadmap to place you at the forefront of the Quality 4.0 transformation.

Key Take-Aways

  • Quality’s business value proposition – learn the language of business to garner support for quality initiatives. A roadmap to quality-driven innovation.
  • MDSAP, EU MDR/IVDR, and regulatory trends and patterns
  • Risk Management connections and exploitive areas that drive growth (Product Risk Assessment, pFMEAs, and dFMEAs)
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Quality Analytics, Problem Solving and Kaizens

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