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The process of incident investigations is a common practice that all safety professionals are experienced with, yet many of our investigations end up with the same root cause, human error. Most incidents can be tied to human error and although it is an accurate use for root cause, to make a change towards preventative safety actions you must look at additional layers.

The definition of a root cause is best said by the organization TapRoot as “The absence of a best practice or the failure to apply knowledge that would have prevented a problem.” Applying this explanation of a root cause, human error can be better used as a casual factor in the investigation process. The use of different approaches can help reach a deeper level of investigation that can gravitate a safety program towards prevention versus correction. Learn more how to improve investigation methods and approach safety proactively.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Top 5 tips for investigations
  • How to avoid human error as a root cause
  • The benefits of using dashboards
  • Ways to conduct interviews

Investigation root cause

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