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Root cause and corrective and prevent actions (referred to as CAPAs) are widely used across all companies when investigating an excursion, be it for customer complaints, downtime studies, safety incidents, or many other improvement opportunities. We find that many of these are inadequate to preventing a recurrence of the issue. We encourage teams to use the Countermeasure Ladder as a tool to assess the quality of proposed CAPAs and to illustrate examples of better ones..

A Countermeasure Ladder is used to illustrate the 6 levels of countermeasures, or solutions, that can be taken to solve a problem, from least effective to most effective.

n this webinar you will learn:

  • What a countermeasure ladder is and how to deploy it as a useful tool
  • How to use the 6 levels on the ladder to rate CAPA effectiveness for complaints or other failures/gaps in performance
  • How to link effective countermeasures to the important output metric: percent repeat issues
  • Why % Repeats is a better performance metric than number of complaints

Effective Root Cause & Preventive Actions

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