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Equipment Maintenance Software

Equipment Maintenance Software

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In the past, businesses used spreadsheets to track pieces of equipment. As companies expanded geographically, this manual process of equipment management became cumbersome and ineffective. A defect in a piece of equipment has a ripple effect on the entire company, starting with downtime, cost, and, more importantly, brand image. With the advent of technology, companies have realized the need to move from siloed, paper-based systems to a more robust, cloud-based equipment maintenance software system to monitor and maintain their equipment.

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Equipment Maintenance Software overview

Equipment Maintenance Software

Equipment Maintenance Software tracks equipment usage and performance efficiency and schedules preventative and corrective maintenance. The solution handles maintenance requirements based on date, use, and throughput. One of the essential aspects of Equipment Maintenance Software is to ensure that the users adhere to proper equipment calibration and maintenance schedules. Equipment that is not certified cannot be used for production. While the market has both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, there is a preference towards cloud-solutions for its easy of use and deployment. Investing in a cloud-based Equipment Maintenance Software is widely popular as it helps
Store all equipment related information in a single location
Replace paper-based system to track equipment
Improve or eliminate long downtime
Track equipment maintenance and performance real-time

Track equipment usage and efficiency, and plan equipment maintenance with CQ’s Equipment Maintenance Software

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All manufacturers must adhere to regulatory requirements and international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 10012 and set up equipment maintenance software. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must conform to FDA 21CFR211.182, which focuses on cGMP, maintaining written records of central equipment cleaning, maintenance, and uses. Similarly, FDA 21CFR211 211.68 mandates all automatic, mechanical, or electronic equipment to be routinely calibrated or checked according to a documented in-house program designed to assure proper performance.

Equipment maintenance tracking is simplified with cloud-based maintenance software. Tracking equipment maintenance is a five-step process – define, monitor, train, assign, and inspect.

  • Clearly define each process to analyze system performance data
  • Monitor operations to become aware of potential issues
  • Provide technicians and operators with proper training to identify and resolve issues
  • Create accountability within the organization by assigning responsibility
  • Conduct periodic inspections based on a strict equipment maintenance schedule

Equipment maintenance tracking is an ongoing process that needs to be carried out efficiently. To ensure no step is skipped, it is essential to create a checklist of tasks based on safety, operation, repairs, records, and instructions. Here is an equipment maintenance checklist that organizations can refer to.

  • Prepare a safety document or guide that details the activities that should or should not take place.
  • Conduct quality and maintenance tests on equipment to determine the operating conditions of each equipment
  • Maintain a document of repairs or changes proposed and resolved for future reference
  • Document and store all equipment-related procedures and guidelines at a central location for easy access
  • Read all equipment-related instructions in detail to understand the working of an equipment.

What are the features of CQ’s Equipment Maintenance Software?

Some of the most prominent features of ComplianceQuest Equipment Maintenance Software are mentioned below —
Have an on-demand, 360-degree view of the equipment
Track, schedule and maintain calibration, and report findings whenever necessary.
Create flexible calibration schedules and periodic maintenance activities at predetermined intervals
Alert stakeholders for calibration or maintenance of pending scheduled activities

Track, review, and sign-off equipment calibration activities and digitally store calibration certificates


Document, track, and close specific machinery maintenance activities and review for compliance


Utilize pre-built best-practices-based reports or customize additional reports and dashboards to suit business requirements


Collaborate with other stakeholders within the enterprise or in the supply chain to gather feedback without compromising task ownership


Access QHSE solution anywhere, anytime and on any device

Equipment Maintenance Software features

Why should a business invest in Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software?

For most organizations, equipment is one of the major investments. As they are a critical component of the business, the room for error is non-existent. Consequently, it is important for equipment-heavy industries such as construction, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical to invest in Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software.
ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software is part of the EQMS that allows companies to register, track, and maintain capital equipment and measuring equipment. Built on Salesforce, the Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software tracks
  • purchasing decisions
  • warranty details
  • manufacturer information
  • location of each equipment
  • users and stakeholders of the equipment

Data-driven Health & Safety Management at Rental Equipment Companies

What are the benefits of implementing ComplianceQuest Equipment Maintenance Software?

Equipment Maintenance Software benefits
ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Maintenance Software is a robust, proven solution that improves Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and minimizes equipment downtime. Some of the other features include–

Automating the equipment lifecycle workflow. This feature allows users to test, calibrate, and validate all equipment and instruments to ensure it meets internal requirements.


Scheduling downtimes and preventive maintenance to keep costs low, reduce repair, improve the life of the equipment, and ensure smooth operations. The solution can send notifications to employees and help protect the equipment from repeat breakdowns.


Producing quality products that meet customer requirements, regulatory standards, and internal specifications and increase Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)


Driving up OEE metrics by ensuring the integrity of data and continuous improvement with an enterprise-wide view of all equipment-related data to help with overall decision-making related to equipment maintenance and replacement

Streamlining and digitizing the process of helping enterprises meet standards such as ISO 10012 associated with calibration and maintenance
Easily integrating with nonconformance and CAPA modules and helping with the effective utilization of resources for addressing high-risk issues and initiating preventive measures for future issues.
Preventing potential failures, loss of quality, and resultant product recalls with well-calibrated equipment that ensures the products are manufactured as per specifications and meet internal and external standards.
Delivering Data Efficiency to a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer
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Delivering Data Efficiency to a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Who can use ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Maintenance Software?

ComplianceQuest Equipment Maintenance Software helps organizations track, schedule, and maintain calibration, perform regular maintenance activities, and report them when needed. Built on Salesforce, the solution also gives users a complete 360-degree view of their equipment to various users within the system. The solution can be used by —

QC Managers to establish internal and external parameters that help measure equipment effectiveness and schedule periodic maintenance whenever necessary
Stage 2
Calibration or Maintenance Technicians can use the equipment maintenance software solution to schedule regular equipment, perform calibration or maintenance inspections, record their findings and communicate necessary corrective action.
Stage 3
Management can depend on the equipment maintenance software to gather insight into equipment management, take strategic decisions on equipment acquisition and maintenance, or initiate continuous improvements.
Stage 4
The solution helps plant managers and the shop floor team to keep track of equipment-related metrics with ease.
Equipment Maintenance Software Solution

Simple and Easy to use QMS software

We chose to implement CQ’s Non-Conformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management and Related Training, Audit and Supplier Management. Works as shown. It is easy to configure, manage and use. We chose ComplianceQuest to address our ISO 9000 compliance, other regulatory requirements and Continuous Improvement needs. Our criteria was that the software should be cloud based, address the ISO 9000 requirements well, easy to implement, accessible from anywhere and also from any device. CQ has been by-far the easiest and Customer service is by far the best.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What common problems can arise due to poor equipment maintenance strategy?
  • Equipment performance can get affected without proper planning for periodic maintenance
  • The organization takes a reactive approach to incidents that involve the quality and quantity of output
  • Manual equipment maintenance affects the company’s ability to identify equipment risk
  • Inadequate user and maintenance staff training
  • The paper-based system affects the company’s ability to document all maintenance activities
  • Maintenance activities do not become a part of the company’s quality objectives
  • Improper data governance policies can make equipment vulnerable and lead to data security issues
  • Increased chance for productivity issues leading to the high cost of production, health, and safety
What are some of the best practices in equipment maintenance?
  • After investing in a piece of equipment, it is important to understand the basic guidelines. Keep track of warranty details such as coverage duration, void clauses, and maintenance services covered.
  • Use equipment maintenance software to keep a detailed record of all the equipment across locations to ensure seamless maintenance.
  • Follow recommended maintenance schedules as informed by manufacturers to maintain peak conditions.
  • Include relevant stakeholders in the maintenance program
  • Ensure the environment around the equipment is favourable.
  • Track all replacements and keep back stock to avoid delays or downtime

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