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Environment and Sustainability

Proactively and accurately monitor and measure your company’s impact on the environment to improve performance and reach your environment and sustainability targets.


Why ComplianceQuest's Environment and Sustainability

Every organization – irrespective of its industry, geography or size – involves an interaction of activities and processes with the environment. These activities may have an adverse or favorable impact on the environment depending on the type of activity being carried out. Our Environment Management solution has been designed to minimize and mitigate these adverse impacts on environment, to such an extent that our already depleting biodiversity is protected, and nurture an ecosystem where all living organisms coexist sustainably.

This solution set enables progressive organizations to manage, mitigate, and report environmental events along with fulfilling environmental compliance obligations. These tools control the risk to reputation and the environment. The data enables a firm to track and analyze environmental metrics.

Environment & Sustainability tools will reduce the effort in tracking, managing, and reporting while ensuring effective decision-making to reach the goals set by your company and comply with regulatory standards.

Regardless of which industry you are in, your company has an environmental footprint – from staff commuting to work or working from home, to waste, industrial and greenhouse gas emissions. Leading companies understand their responsibility to protect the planet by reducing waste, lowering emissions, and becoming environmental stewards of the space we work in and inhabit. The reputation of being corporate champions can be an advantage in this competitive environment, and having the ability to effectively monitor, measure and report on progress and meeting targets can make the difference for building your brand reputation.

Through our thoughtfully designed solution, you will also be able to understand those activities that give rise to significant environmental impacts. Based on these, you will be able to proactively implement mitigatory measures to minimize the impact. These reports will also aid you in better planning of your organization’s CSR activities. For instance, if your carbon emissions are high, then the CSR activities could be focused towards such initiatives that will lead to a carbon neutral state.

Environment and Sustainability Features

Aspects and Impacts

Understanding the various aspects and potential impacts of your organizational processes are key to ensure you are able to minimize the potential negative impact on our world. This solution allows an organization to identify aspects and related impacts and assess the potential risk that it exposes the organization to both with and without control measures.

Establish ambitious environmental objectives

Through a thorough analysis of all environmental aspects and impacts, set ambitious objectives and targets aimed at reducing these adverse impacts. Our intelligent reports will keep you updated on the progress you have made against each of the objectives, alert you in case of a deviation and assist you in achieving these objectives within the set target period.

Sustainability Metrics

Provides the method of tracking and reporting emissions to regulatory agencies. With consistent monitoring, sustainability goals are more easily tracked and achieved.

Spills and Releases

Accidents happen. Provide staff with a simple mobile tool to report environmental spills and releases and what immediate actions were taken to mitigate the results. Management has oversight and monitoring capabilities to understand the root cause, trend over time, reduce the occurrence of events, and report to regulatory agencies.

Permit Management:

Quickly and easily manage a centralized database of all organizational permits including identified prerequisites and clauses to ensure compliance. Automatic proactive and reactive reminders are provided to further organizations compliance goals.

Notice of Violation

Automate the process of violation reporting and allow for easy identification of the specific regulatory publication that is of issue, the associated investigations, corrective actions and mitigation plans to minimize the potential social and financial impact.

Regulatory Content Library

Integrate to STP or ENHESA to maintain a complete listing of regulatory publications that would be applicable for your locations.

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Competitive Advantage


Better Internal / External Capabilities


Continuous Improvement


Significant Business Challenge


Operating Margins


Supplier Visibility


Major Product Recalls

Wrap Up

  • Reduce your environmental impact and meet the targets that will improve your operation, reduce costs and help our environment.
  • Track and manage events and seamlessly report issues to regulatory agencies when releases do occur or report the status of your sustainability metrics as you work towards your goals.
  • Centralize organizational information to ensure deadlines are met, your permits are managed and issued in comply with the regulations your company must meet.
  • Ensure you are up to date on regulatory information for all your locations and the requirements that must be met to comply with local laws, regulations and best practices.

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