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At ComplianceQuest, we recently published a paper titled “Five Guiding Principles of a Next-Gen EQMS”. The paper highlighted why the following design principles are a “must have” for any quality management workflow.

  1. Core Quality Promise: Enabling critical business decision making
  2. User Experience: Simple, seamless and consistent
  3. Data at its Core
  4. Standardization and Flexibility: Modular and cloud-based
  5. Continued Improvement: Across quality, business process, systems, design and people

In this blog, we detail out what we mean by “user experience” at ComplianceQuest.

Principle #2 of a Next-Generation EQMS: User Experience

The primary job of an EQMS is this: Make the life of the quality leader easier. That is the key premise of a next-generation EQMS that delivers a simple, seamless and consistent user experience.

Here, we highlight a few features of how we make this happen at ComplianceQuest.

  1. Consistency across modules: Once the user gets used to the UX, it works similarly across all 12 solutions. It’s mostly intuitive and self-explanatory.
  2. Workflow Path to guide users: In the early-days of using the product, our workflow path guides users to “next steps”
  3. In-app Guidance to navigate within solutions and across solutions easily
  4. Attention to finer nuances: CQ’s experience design team has put in tremendous effort to pay attention to a wide variety of specific use-cases. A user may want to, for example, approve a document by clicking within an e-mail or respond to a SCAR request (supplier management) through a mobile app. The CQ product is designed to simplify and can be customized to suit your current workflow.

Read this Whitepaper to find out more about all the 5 principles:

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