MyCQ: Designed for Infrequent ComplianceQuest Users to Complete Assigned Tasks
Blog | September 30th, 2022

MyCQ: Designed for Infrequent ComplianceQuest Users to Complete Assigned Tasks

MyCQ is a personalized user interface that allows infrequent and casual CQ users to access ComplianceQuest’s EQMS and EHS solutions. It is designed to perform any assigned actions such as training, approvals, or sign-offs, access documents, and quickly enter reports such as complaints, incidents, or change requests wherever they are.

MyCQ is a Key Feature to Building an Enterprise-wide Quality and Safety Culture

A study by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) reveals that the cumulative cost of disengaged employees (in North America) adds up to $550 billion a year. On the other hand, when the workforce is highly engaged, profitability improves by about 21%.

Broadly, the key drivers of building a quality culture include:

  • Collaborative engagement among employees, quality team, and executive management
  • Quality and credibility of messaging, wherein positive quality-related routines are appreciated and rewarded
  • Strong peer-to-peer communication without fear of blame
  • A sense of ownership among all team members

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Taking Ownership of Problems

A culture of quality requires the active participation of the employees in quality processes by actively observing, identifying, and resolving quality issues. They should be invested in these processes and take ownership instead of doing it because it is mandated. To achieve this,

  • They should be able to share and communicate their ideas and observations quickly, without delays
  • They do not lag behind in achieving their work-related goals
  • They are able to track and monitor progress on their reports and suggestions and problems are resolved in a timely manner

Challenges to Employee Participation

The involvement and commitment of employees play a key role in improving quality performance. While the quality control team can set up the processes and systems for quality management, there are several other casual and/or infrequent users who play a key role in executing quality initiatives.

These infrequent users are not familiar with quality processes or the QMS software but are still regularly required to complete certain actions within the QMS such as training, approvals, sign-offs, reports generation, access documents, and more. Often, even with a quality management system automating the quality processes, employees may find it difficult to participate proactively.

The typical reasons for employees not using QMS effectively include:

  • Complicated Navigation: Being unfamiliar with the quality system technology due to using it infrequently. Therefore, they may find it difficult to navigate their organization’s QMS to find information or perform actions using built-in workflows. Performing routine tasks may involve multiple steps and opening several tabs to complete an assigned task.
  • Time Consuming: Light users may be a little overwhelmed when they come into the EQMS platform. They may find even approving and accessing documents difficult on their mobile. Completing a task can be time-consuming for inexperienced users who already are short on time.
  • Low User Adoption: Users might feel overwhelmed as they struggle to understand where to go and how to perform a task. This may lead to lower user adoption of the QMS, simply because the platform wasn’t intuitive enough.

Benefits of MyCQ

To help them overcome these difficulties and make using the ComplianceQuest QMS more intuitive, ComplianceQuest has introduced an employee portal, MyCQ.

MyCQ is a personalized user interface that allows infrequent/casual CQ users to access CQ and perform any assigned actions such as training, approvals, sign-offs, access documents, and quickly enter reports such as complaints, incidents, or change requests wherever they are.

Some of the key features of MyCQ include:

  • Simple and Intuitive UI: Making task completion a breeze for anyone
  • Single Point of Access: To documents, tasks, training, and reports
  • Personalized: To each employee
  • Time-Saving: Employees can quickly complete tasks assigned
  • Simplified Issue Reporting: Any employee can quickly report quality issues

Some of the key benefits of the ComplianceQuest MyCQ include:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Easily accessible from any device and at any time
  • Personalized
  • Shows all the tasks assigned to them in one place

CQ customers can provide each of their employees, including casual/infrequent users, with a personalized interface to view all their assigned actions and training and to report on quality issues from anywhere.

The MyCQ portal is personalized to each employee, and provides a bird’s eye view to easily assess their performance, generate reports and report NCs, Change Requests, Complaints, etc. at the click of a button.

It also helps to create a list of assigned tasks that can be filtered and accessed quickly. The portal also provides quick access to the documents they need.

The portal is also available as a mobile application, which allows employees to access their personalized user interface from their phones, anywhere, anytime.

The portal/app also allows employees to perform actions or report quality events with a few easy clicks.

  • Reporting Quality Issues: MyCQ makes it easy for anyone to request a change, submit a complaint, an observation, or report a safety event, a non-conformance, or a near miss, even from their mobile device.
  • Completing Assigned Tasks: Signing off, approving, or completing a training – all of this is possible through MyCQ at the click of a few buttons.

The portal and the app provide an intuitive interface, empowering users to use the QMS effectively and improving the culture of quality in the organization. As employee participation increases, so do compliance, brand image, and customer satisfaction. This enhances the work environment, increasing productivity and employee engagement as well as loyalty.

ComplianceQuest’s Enterprise Quality Management System is a cloud-based solution built on Salesforce that helps businesses integrate workflows end-to-end. This helps with greater visibility, traceability, and transparency, providing access to data that is critical for better decision-making.

With MyCQ, employee participation in quality management increases, enhancing the effectiveness of the software in helping businesses meet their goals.

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