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Our customers use ComplianceQuest to get products to market 20% faster. reduce the cost of IT infrastructure management by 80%. reduce their cost of quality by 48%.reduce cost of labor by 24%.reduce cost of customer complaints by 32%.reduce the cost of audit findings by 32%.reduce CAPAs raised per year by 45%.reduce the number change requests by 50%.increase employee engagement by 54%.reduce employee training costs by 70%.increase customer satisfaction by 37%.To know how, request a demo now.
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Enterprise Quality Management System

Enterprise Quality Management System

EQMS to Create a Culture of Quality in the Organization
Drive efficiencies and move beyond regulatory compliance to create a quality-first approach with a robust cloud-based EQMS
Globally, companies are moving beyond the culture of compliance to a culture of quality that helps create a competitive advantage. This paradigm shift can be attributed to several reasons:
  • Increased customer awareness
  • Globalization of supply chains
  • Demand for quality
  • Safe products
A culture of quality helps change the mindset of the employees from a reactive to a proactive approach to ensuring quality every step of the way.
Enterprise Quality Management System
ComplianceQuest Enterprise Quality Management System

Enterprise Quality Management System (eQMS) helps organizations move from reacting to quality events to predictive and, finally, proactive quality management by turning data into intelligence and actionable insights. EQMS helps companies accelerate product innovation, meet regulatory requirements, increase speed to market and operational excellence, and improve customer satisfaction using a smart, adaptable, cloud-based, flexible, and connected quality management system.

Enterprise Quality Management System helps to document and manage all business processes from product development, compliance, and quality across the organization. A cloud-based EQMS can help organizations streamline and systematize quality practices. The implementation of enterprise quality management software can help with the integration of quality with enterprise-wide processes. By creating a ‘system of record’, EQMS can store everything that gets reported, and, consequently, the ‘process’ can be implemented on the shop floor. With features such as automated workflows and electronic signatures, cloud-based EQMS can help improve operational efficiencies across the organization. EQMS focuses on building a ‘Continuously Improving’ quality management process and delivering high-quality products to strengthen the company’s competitive position.

Manage your entire QMS processes with ComplianceQuest’s quality management software for flexible, scalable and configurable workflow.

How can the CQ EQMS solution help drive continuous improvement across the organization?

One of the key aspects of quality management guidelines is continuous improvement. As per ISO 9001, continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve the organization’s products, services, and/or processes. To drive continuous improvement, organizations must look at quality as a goal that needs constant monitoring. Organizations can drive continuous improvement by adopting a quality-first approach using the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. A robust QMS software offers a host of continuous improvement tools and processes that can help organizations across industries such as manufacturing, medical devices, construction, and others.
A comprehensive and highly configurable quality management solution suite like ComplianceQuest EQMS offers agile and next-generation technology capabilities that can help minimize risk, speed up product and process innovation, and drive continuous improvement. The EQMS suite includes various modules such as audit, change, corrective action (CAPA), non-conformance, document control (EDMS), risk, inspection, training, complaints, incident, management review, supplier and vendor management, and equipment. ComplianceQuest EQMS suite is equipped with powerful features, including AI, reports, advanced analytics, graphical dashboards, built-in RCA tools, and detailed learning resources for end-users.
Some of the benefits of CQ’s EQMS suite include —
  • A 100% cloud-based solution that offers mobility, flexibility, and scalability with auto-updates
  • Built and run on Salesforce platform with stringent security and minimal downtime
  • Highly configurable to meet every need without IT support
  • Built-in industry best practice workflows
  • Ensures compliance with industry quality standards
  • ComplianceQuest EQMS aligns with various industry compliance standards, including AS 9100-Aerospace, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, FDA Software Validation, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001

Why should organizations choose cloud-based QMS software to meet regulatory requirements?

A cloud-based, next-generation QMS software offers quality leaders the following benefits.
  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and streamline the corresponding CAPA using the Corrective Actions & Preventive Actions (CAPA) module.
  • Document Management allows version control and ensures access to relevant information anytime, anywhere.
  • The process of regulatory compliance and submissions becomes easier using the Nonconformance across departments and locations and can be used for mid-course correction in case of any deviations.
  • Mobile capabilities of a next-generation QMS enable quality teams to take swift action when required.
  • Integrated Risk Management help to track and evaluate operational risk.
  • Next-generation QMS enables audit management across the organization with an Audit solution with an electronic and automated approach.

CQ EQMS Features

Enterprise Quality Management System
Enterprise Quality Management System

Can next-generation platforms such as CQ EQMS help meet quality management goals?

Businesses are moving from their existing legacy quality management system to a more versatile, next-generation quality management system to meet the various quality management goals, including the ability to drive operational excellence, deliver customer satisfaction, and business growth. This change can be attributed to the evolving cloud technology that enables companies like ComplianceQuest to offer QMS technology in the ‘Platforms-as-a-service’ model. ComplianceQuest’s Next-Gen EQMS software takes a data-driven approach supported by a collaborative platform and offers the following features to meet various regulatory and quality goals.
Track, manage and document all compliance-related activities using a single dashboard to enhance productivity and efficiency, reduce the cost of quality, and speed up issue resolution time.
Use data-driven insights to streamline quality, compliance, content, and collaboration management workflows across the company and global supply chain networks to drive continuous improvement and accelerate growth.
Improve team collaboration with a single dashboard and adhere to the quality compliance standards with a bird’s-eye view of operations.
Reduce duplication and errors move towards 100% compliance.
ComplianceQuest’s artificial intelligence framework, CQ.AI, helps leaders derive predictive intelligence and actionable insights.



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What are the top 5 components of an EQMS that industry leaders must focus on?

Adding automation to the quality management workflow will help improve business metrics across quality, brand, financial, and operational efficiency. Using a data-driven approach supported by a collaborative platform, CQ’s cloud EQMS software enables data visibility with a seamless flow of information that supports the organization’s success and growth. ComplianceQuest’s Next-Generation EQMS software has been built on our five guiding design principles that make the software the best EQMS software and a highly recommended EQMS software in the industry.
Stage 1
Meet the three specific Core Quality Promises
  • Serve the end-users of our clients
  • Facilitate business decision-making
  • Designed to deliver customer success
Stage 2
User Experience using three specific strategies
  • Simplicity, seamlessness, and consistency
  • Leveraging user experience as a tool to drive better and faster business outcomes
  • Intuitive experience improves user participation and increases adoption
Enterprise Quality Management System
Stage 3
Data at its Core with the five principles of
  • Considering data as an asset that helps with integration across systems.
  • Seamless data flow across the entire workflow for better process integration
  • Data access through a secure, permission-based process
  • Automated decision support based on pre-defined data models
Stage 4
Cloud EQMS software offers Standardization and Flexibility by
  • Following the industry’s best practices with a proven workflow
  • Creating flexibility to custom design a new workflow to serve a special use case and possibly catalyze new thinking and innovation
Stage 5
Continued Improvement (CI) across quality, business process, design, systems, and people with
  • A product built on the cloud with the capability to handle upgrades and improvements with ease
  • A proven approach to add or modify the workflow after necessary permissions
  • A smooth process for new releases, new workflow approvals, and a planned approach to design a quality process that fits in seamlessly

Enterprise Quality Management System Application Solution


Cloud-Based Platform with Increased Agility, Efficiency and Speed

Everything is automated and fast; we can generate reports for information, strategic, and planning purposes, which makes a huge impact on our productivity and efficiency. The support and communication at ComplianceQuest have been top-notch, even on days when there was a lot of pressure. All of this and more was achieved when we picked ComplianceQuest as our EQMS. I’ve rarely seen anyone hit a target like that as quickly as we did, especially with the number of documents to migrate (3,000) and customization’s to Corrective Action and Preventive Action application.

Kippy Hillhouse, Quality Engineer, YKK

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Quality-centric companies rely on CQ QMS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a closed-loop EQMS system?
A closed-loop quality system stores all data and processes in one central location. An EQMS system is said to be closed-loop if it has centralized, standardized, and streamlined end-to-end business processes and quality data. To support a continuous improvement strategy, organizations need a closed-loop training system where employees are regularly trained, updated with new knowledge, and tracked to ensure compliance. Prioritizing closed-loop processes, quality compliant products, and operational flexibility, the ComplianceQuest EQMS helps clients create and execute a compliance strategy to help stay competitive.
Apart from regulatory compliance, what other quality goals can EQMS help achieve?
Implementing a next-generation EQMS has a direct impact on operations as it helps with enhanced productivity, reduced CoQ, and increased Overall Operational Effectiveness (OOE). By implementing EQMS, an organization can achieve the following goals:
  • Streamlining of compliance and regulatory processes
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Leverage best practices
  • Automate various quality processes
Which processes do QMS solutions help manage?
  • Nonconformance / Deviations / OOS
  • CAPA
  • Equipment
  • Inspections
  • Workforce Digitalization
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Supplier Management
What are the requirements to implement an EQMS in your organization?
In order to implement a QMS, here is a list of requirements that needs to be in place:
  • Clearly documented quality policy and objectives of the organization
  • Mandated compliance standards based on the industry
  • A quality manual that details scope, justified exclusions, procedures, checklists, and guidelines
  • Company documents that clearly detail plan, operate, monitor, and control

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