Safety Essentials: Getting the Basics Right to Improve Safety Across All your Locations
Blog | January 31st, 2023

Safety Essentials: Getting the Basics Right to Improve Safety Across All your Locations

We have written about the importance of having a safety management program that is not just reactive but also preventive and proactive. We have also been urging safety leaders to build an enterprise-wide culture of ‘safety-first’ across all business operations.

Of course, the safety team alone cannot be responsible for the safety performance of a company; Rather, health and safety leaders must think of themselves as enablers and catalysts who set up the foundation and give people the right tools and frameworks to drive up safety efforts.

Safety teams are looking for modern, next-generation Safety Management Solution (SMS), that is scalable, flexible and intuitive to use. ComplianceQuest’s SafetyQuest Solution is used by enterprise customers across the world, including firms in construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, life sciences, automotive and other sectors.

But we realized that emerging growth companies are looking for a solution that is quick, intuitive and easy to implement.

We decided to launch CQ’s Safety Essentials, which is purpose-built for emerging growth companies. This is a Safety Management Software Solution that gives organizations the tools to ensure safe people, a safe place, and a safe process – at a cost companies can afford.

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Other elements of building a safety culture includes proactively mitigating safety risks, tackling incidents with agility, and ensuring employee well-being. Safety management also has an impact on the company’s prospects in many ways as it ensures:

  • Improved compliance with laws and regulations
  • Reduced costs, including lowering workers’ compensation premiums
  • Engaged workers
  • Enhanced social responsibility goals
  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency

The 5Ds of Safety Management

Through our conversations with several health and safety leaders, we believe the following factors play a critical role in improving safety performance; Let us call it the 5Ds of Safety Management!

  • Digital: In today’s world, it will be challenging to improve safety performance without a comprehensive safety management solution. The entire safety management workflow has to be digitally transformed and automated.
  • Data: Health and safety leaders must have a finger on the pulse of all H&S metrics, data, information, and documents.
  • Decision Making: As Peter Drucker famously said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” With access to data and insights, safety leaders must have the ability to make quick decisions without wasting time. Every organization needs an EHS solution that enables real-time collaboration – to make decisions and implement follow-on actions. The ability to garner insights from real-time data is absolutely essential.
  • Drive: The health and safety team must take on the responsibility of improving the overall organizational mindset toward safety. They must think through the process of spreading awareness about safety through effective communication. Safety drives like a quarterly Safety Day, Safety Training contests, etc. can make a huge difference.
  • Do: Last but not least – execution matters. Having a robust safety strategy is not enough. It must be operationalized. There needs to be deep integration of people, processes, and systems across the EHS lifecycle.

The Need for a Holistic Safety Management with Proactive Risk Management Capabilities

It is important to note that safety management is not just about injuries caused by heavy machinery or slips and falls. It encompasses a wide range of processes, failure in any of which can cause an incident that can lead to injuries or accidents. Whether severe or mild, they need to be addressed. There is increasing awareness about safety challenges caused by repeat exposure to loud noises, flashing lights, vibrating equipment, and even poor seating arrangements.

These may not be manifest in the short term but may cause chronic health issues that may not be reversed such as hearing loss, loss of vision, musculoskeletal diseases, and Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

For safety leaders, this can be a handful. In case the company has sites and offices spread across geographies, standardizing processes, and compliance with local regulations in remote sites can become difficult.

Moreover, uniform communication of safety SOPs and their implementation can also cause a setback to their effectiveness. Reporting and documentation may also suffer due to manual processes that can distract from achieving immediate business goals and be deprioritized. This can be a big impediment to continuous improvement.

Businesses, therefore, need a cloud-based, robust, and scalable solution that can facilitate communication, collaboration, and commitment across the organization.

It is also important to have a safety management system with integrated risk management capabilities, so it becomes easy to prioritize mitigation efforts based on risk levels.

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Safety Essentials from ComplianceQuest: Safe Process, Safe Place, Safe People

ComplianceQuest EHS is a comprehensive, end-to-end integrated solution for improving the safety culture of the organization.

It includes a 3-in-1 solution that includes modules for:

  • Reactive Processes– Reporting and investigating after an incident has happened
  • Preventive Processes– Taking timely action to prevent events
  • Proactive Processes– Identifying future potential risks and taking effective action to reduce reactive safety management over time

For small and mid-size companies, we are offering an out-of-the-box Safety Essentials Solution that makes it easy to get started. Through our solution, we want to make it easy for Health & Safety leaders to automate safety management with a deep focus on three key pillars – “Safe Process, Safe Place and Safe People.”

With ComplianceQuest’s Safety Essentials Package, you can digitally transform and automate the following processes and workflows:

  1. Incident Management – to quickly react to any safety incident based on data and information at your fingertips
  2. Risk Assessments – To collaborate with relevant stakeholders and conduct risk assessments with the right forms and documents
  3. Audits, Inspections, and Forms – To make it easy to conduct safety audits and inspections, and allow easy access to the real-time findings from these efforts
  4. Safety Training – Make sure all relevant team members have access to the latest training content and have also completed necessary training before performing certain types of tasks
  5. Safety Documents – Anytime, anywhere access to all safety-related documents
  6. Task/Action Management – To ensure all open actions items are tracked, monitored, and moving in the right direction

Additionally, CQ’s Safety Essentials Package comes with CQ.AI capabilities, in-built analytics, mobile access, and the Safety Portal to enable quick decision-making, ease of reporting, and efficient safety operations.

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