The Importance of Safety Perception Surveys to Implement an Enterprise-Wide Safety Culture

Whitepaper | September, 2021

Although your business may conduct periodic safety audits and inspections and have a safety management system in place, surveys can reveal critical safety improvement information not detected by any of these other methods.

Incident analysis can provide insights into what went wrong but not necessarily indicate what could go wrong in the future. Audits may unearth some potential risks but may leave out some of the intangible aspects that can also have an impact on making the workplace safe. These include factors such as:

  • Management involvement
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Autonomy
  • Work-life balance

A safety perception survey can act as a leading indicator to predict future incidents and events. A confidential survey allows employees to speak freely about what makes them feel unsafe at work, allowing for systems and controls to be adjusted and actions to be assigned. This also provides insight into how your communication skills percolate through the organization and ensure consistent messaging.

Discover more about the importance of a safety perception survey in your organization with this whitepaper.

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