Why Every Industrial and Manufacturing Company Needs to Embark on a Safety Transformation Program

Whitepaper | April, 2021

A holistic, enterprise-wide approach is essential to be able to successfully mitigate risks and work towards an incident-free industrial manufacturing business. The manufacturer needs to first:

  • Identify risks and prioritize mitigation by risk level
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing health and safety practices
  • Create a safety policy to improve
  • Align it with business goals
  • Communicate it to his organization
  • Set processes and SOPs
  • Measure progress
  • Effect continuous improvement (CI)

It needs enterprise-wide rollout and commitment for the safety program to result in the desired outcome – which should be to reduce and ultimately reach zero incidents. Attention to detail and a proactive approach to driving CI are the cornerstones of a well-designed safety transformation program – which is now a “must-have” in manufacturing settings.

Know everything about Safety Transformation for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies in this whitepaper.

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