Getting Complaint Management Right: Automation and Collaboration Hold the Key

Whitepaper | March, 2021

Growth today is not just about sales. Post-market service has become just as important for businesses to retain customer loyalty.

A complaint may not be a reflection of just one unit of the product, it can have an implication for the entire batch or the batches before and after it, needing businesses to trace it, conduct a root cause analysis, and initiate corrective actions. It is an opportunity to drive continuous improvement and therefore needs to be documented and shared across the supply chain for appropriate steps to be initiated. The impact of the change being made also needs to be analyzed and the risks assessed before the change can be made.

Complaint Management done right is an 11-step process covering the end-to-end complaints lifecycle. It begins from intake of the customer complaint and goes all the way to remediation and continuous improvement. This whitepaper helps you design a complete complaints managment approach and process for your organization.

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