Current Challenges in EHS Process and Benefits of Moving from Reactive to Proactive Approach 

Whitepaper | July, 2022

The safety of workers in all industries has improved as a result of quickening technical progress and the creation of new health and safety laws, including revisions to current legislation. However, one of the top issues every company faces today is workplace safety.

To keep up with the evolving nature of hazards, companies must learn from previous incidents, constantly assess the effectiveness of action plans implemented, and improve their health and safety plans. A proactive risk mitigation strategy is also essential for business continuity.

A company that values safety must also conduct periodic risk assessments, proactively implement controls, and do whatever it takes to create a safety culture across departments. This is only possible if all employees are involved and the company is moving from a reactive to a proactive approach.

In this video whitepaper, we talk about:

  • Current challenges in the EHS process
  • Benefits of moving from reactive to a proactive approach
  • How digital transformation is getting accelerated in several companies
  • And more

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