Best Practices to Conduct a Management Review Meeting

Whitepaper | September, 2022

Management review is an essential process to holistically review the systems and processes to evaluate the insufficiency and adequacy while promoting continual improvements. Organizations should periodically hold management reviews to consider the effectiveness of the implemented systems and potential improvement opportunities that lie within.

The review should assess the need to initiate changes and document the actions to be taken. The periodic interval or frequency of review meetings should be governed based on the history of non-compliance and risk associated with the production activities. Each organization should prioritize its MRMs by considering them inevitable.

The management review process also provides regular alerts and keeps an eye to ensure all the system tools and procedures are within limits and at no point in time, an organization deviates to the extent that is beyond repair.

The minutes or summaries of the review meeting should reflect the deficiencies and recommendations along with deadlines necessary to overcome the inadequacy in the system. Active participation is of utmost importance for effective and meaningful periodic MRM.

In this video whitepaper, we will talk about the best practices to conduct a Management Review Meeting. We will also talk about how following the best practices helps to make Management Review Meeting more effective.

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