Derive Maximum Value from your Management Reviews with AI, Automation & Analytics

Whitepaper | June, 2022

Management Review Meeting is an essential process to holistically review the systems and processes to evaluate the insufficiency and adequacy while promoting continual improvements.

It’s a systematic process conducted at periodic intervals with a prefix agenda for invitees or participants from all departments and not just the management alone. An effective MRM has a widespread impact contributing to the overall implementation of QMS, system effectiveness, reducing non-compliances, maintenance and monitoring, audits, new product innovations, supplier evaluations, etc.

Organizations should periodically hold management reviews to consider the effectiveness of the implemented QMS and potential improvement opportunities that lie within. The review should assess the need to initiate changes and document the actions to be taken. The periodic interval or frequency of review meetings should be governed based on the history of non-compliance and risk associated with the production activities. Each organization should prioritize their MRMs by considering them inevitable.

Automation of the management review process – with Meeting Management and Control Tower capabilities – ensures data visibility and free flow of information across the whole lifecycle. It helps to keep track of decisions made during every review meeting and the progress made in terms of implementation.

CQ QHSE acts as a single source of truth for all quality, health and safety data. This ensures that quality and safety leaders have a finger on the pulse of not only top-level quality/safety metrics
but also details of audits, inspections, training, etc. In other words, they are able to get a bird’s eye view or drill down and track specific details.

In this whitepaper, we focus on how the ComplianceQuest Management Review Solution leverages the power of digital transformation and automation, analytics and AI to enable better quality performance.

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