October 13th, 2020 | 59:16

Revisiting Supplier Quality Agreements: A Critical Step in Managing Supply Chain Risk and Compliance

Bob Mehta, the principal consultant at GMP ISO Expert Services, will explain how a streamlined and precise agreement can improve your time to market. He’ll share how establishing a system to create and manage the number of supplier agreement templates to meet your specific needs is key.

He will reveal:

  • How to hold suppliers accountable to ensure they meet quality and compliance regulations and company requirements
  • How to demonstrate management and control over suppliers’ compliance during an audit or inspection
  • What criteria to use to create a quality agreement, if the law and/or regulatory requirements are not clear
  • What criteria to use to establish a process for periodic reviews of the quality agreement
  • How to create critical supplier agreements and documents to support legal court disputes

Get to market faster when you take charge of your supplier quality agreements with this free webinar.

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