GMP Training

GMP Training

GMP training
GMP training

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Training

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures that products are produced and controlled consistently according to quality standards. GMP minimizes the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. GMP covers all aspects of production, including materials, premises, equipment, training, and personal hygiene of staff.

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What is GMP Training?

GMP training is a requirement as it emphasizes employees performing all the tasks in accordance with GMP expectations and established procedures. GMP training is an essential requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers as per 21 CFR 211.25 (a) – Personnel Qualifications. The GMP training is mandatory for both drug manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Notably, GMP training and certification are considered a standard of quality in the global market.

GMP training
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Closing the Skill Gap in the C&GT Manufacturing Sector with World-class Training Management

Why is GMP training needed?

GMP training allows organizations to:

  • Meet global standards
  • Enhance quality awareness
  • Reduce risk
  • Continually upskill
  • Drive change
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure ongoing compliance
GMP training need

Training and document management case study

Winning Story of Two Businesses Using the CQ Training and Document Management Solution to Improve Their Quality Management Process

Training and document management case study
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Importance of GMP training

GMP training educates and motivates the employees to apply the principles of good manufacturing practices (GMP).

GMP training is important because it:

  • Ensures that employees perform the tasks as instructed and encourages employees to notify the supervisor in case of any deviations in the instruction, problem with the equipment, or unusual appearance of the material.
  • Establishes the necessity for the completion of records that reinstates that instructions were followed while retaining all relevant documentation.
  • Ensures both the site and processes are in a state of control.
  • Reminds the personnel of procedures and directions that govern site operations.
GMP training importance

ComplianceQuest delivers!

I selected CQ for a number of reasons. Functionality and a simple user interface were key requirements. CQ has all the functionality needed in support of a global QMS. Implementation includes; Document control, change order, personnel training, NC/CAPA, equipment management, supplier management, audit management, and customer complaints all on a single platform. As a small biologics company it was critical to find a single solution to meet our GMP quality system requirements. We wanted a cloud-based system, that would be quick to implement, that could be expanded globally and in other languages, all for a reasonable price. The user interface – it is exactly what I was hoping for. I constantly hear the staff saying, “I love CQ, it’s so straightforward to use”.

Donna Matuizek,
Sr. Director Quality

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GMP training key features

CQ Key Features for GMP Training

CQ’s Training Management solution allows companies to create and manage GMP training programs and quickly allocate content to the many job functions an employee may be assigned. Combining GMP training content with developed assessments ensures that not only do employees get trained but their comprehension is verified. The online GMP training programs are developed and updated continuously by industry experts aligned with industry regulations. Some of the key features are mentioned below:

  • Compelling and Engaging Interactive Courses
  • Delivered Automatically Based on Role
  • Completion and Results Recorded Automatically
  • Delivered in Manageable Sections to Encourage Completion
  • Continually Updated as Regulations Change
  • Electronic Records Updated and Available to Support Inspections

Manage GMP training programs to train and motivate employees to meet global standards, ensure consistent compliance, and ensure devices meet quality standards with CQ's GMP training management solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Helps to understand complicated legal jargons

    • Replaces outdated presentations with relevant updated content

    • On-demand training helps the modern workforce build a relevant skillset with personalized and relevant content

    • Saves time and energy of both trainer and employees

    • Cost-efficient


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