Keep the Heart of QMS Robust: Ensure Effective Corrective Action
Webinar | September 22nd, 2021

Keep the Heart of QMS Robust: Master How to Ensure Effective Corrective Action in the CAPA Process

As an organization grows, there is an increase in complexity of its operation. Complexity blurs a clear line of sight. An input no longer maps to one discrete output. When managers and leaders lose their line of sight, they lose control. In quality, loss of control results in significant problems that need an Advanced Root Cause Analysis toolkit. These issues tend to affect several departments, possess geographical and cultural fingerprints, and lack synergy between aggregate systems.

Join us to learn when and how to implement countermeasures that ensure the issue does not recur. We’ll discuss when and how to place Quality Control checkpoints, apply Risk Mitigation Strategies, deploy Fixtures and finally revisit design to ensure Poke Yoke.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how and when to leverage the four most effective and advanced root cause analysis tools
  • How to verify you have arrived at a valid root cause under your organization control
  • Learn how to leverage the top systems or techniques that yield corrective action that ensure the problem does not recur
  • When to leverage a risk mitigation strategy, QC checkpoints, or Poke Yoke
  • How to ensure Top Leadership alignment

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