January 13th, 2022 | 33:13

Management Review Meeting – Beyond Meeting and Minutes!

To most companies, a management review meeting (MRM) is just a formality to discuss and record the minutes as an age-old practice in the past or up to now. Well, that is not what an MRM is meant to be. It has “components” that are more than mere discussion and minutes. MRM has well defined “inputs and outputs” to be covered as a part of the review meeting. It is a systematic process at periodic intervals with a pre-determined agenda and includes all invitees’ participation, not just the management all alone.

The benefits of an “effective” MRM has wide-spread impact contributing to the overall implementation of QMS, system effectiveness, reducing non-compliances, maintenance and monitoring. In today’s world, it provides a peak into a business’ risk and resilience.

Key takeaways:

  • The meaning of a management review meeting
  • Management review inputs and outputs
  • Preparing and organizing periodic meetings within the organization
  • Will virtual management review meeting be the new trend?
  • Is a review meeting essential?
  • Best practices to hold a management review meeting

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