Single Source of Truth: A Key Requirement for a World-Class Quality and Safety Management System
Blog | August 21st, 2021

Single Source of Truth: A Key Requirement for a World-Class Quality and Safety Management System

One can say, it is raining data. At every touch-point of our lives, we encounter data. Every move an organization makes results in numerous data sets that can be analyzed in different ways. Organizations have greater access to data than ever before and it continues to pour from various digital platforms such as IoT devices, internal processes, supply chain systems, CRM, and other similar sources. In addition to internal data, businesses are acquiring external data to get a broader perspective of market trends. All this data is being used to make critical business decisions, which will drive growth, reduce costs and streamline operations.

However, often the information is scattered – in data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts. So, when businesses seek insights about a company-wide perspective on processes and trends, they find themselves dealing with fragmented information.

In the absence of a centralized view, multiple versions of data will start floating, leading to a distorted perspective. And, needless to say, this does not help business leaders.

Leaders and decision-makers want a single source of truth. This is, of course, true for any department or function, but from a risk perspective, it can be game-changing in functions like quality and safety management.

Are you grappling with multiple versions of a safety-related document? Is it getting difficult to implement quality analytics because there are multiple versions of quality data stored in different systems?

What you need is a next-generation QHSE Solution that serves as the "single source of truth" for all your quality, health, safety, and environmental data.

Virginia-based American Operations Corporation (AOC) recently implemented ComplianceQuest’s solutions to automate and digitally transform their entire QHSE workflow with a data-centric approach. Find out more about their experience here:

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What is a "Single Source of Truth?"

Key characteristics of a platform that serves as a single source of truth include:

  • Data from the different enterprise systems should be stored in a single repository using real-time data integration
  • It must be straightforward to forecast trends and gather predictive insights using data visualization
  • Sharing data and information across the different departments and with all key stakeholders shall be seamless
  • It must offer custom dashboards, such that data can be accessed easily and the same sets of data can be represented in different forms, enabling the organization to analyze all scenarios

While working with internal and external data, compliance with regulatory requirements such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for data security is a must across industries. As the regulations keep changing, enterprises need a system that can make fulfilling compliance obligations intuitive and easy, without manual intervention.

By creating one source of data, businesses can experience the following benefits:

  • Access to reliable data for improved decision making
  • Access to contextual and real-time data
  • Removal of duplicates and overlaps
  • Access to clear and transparent data
  • Improved productivity
  • Minimal tools and communication channels
  • Elimination of manual errors

ComplianceQuest QHSE: A Single Source of Trust for all "Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment" Information

A “single source of truth” is nothing but a centralized data repository of all health and safety information. But a next-generation QHSE Solution, like ComplianceQuest, offers much more than a system of record. It is a system of collaboration in which people, processes, and systems are integrated. It makes it easy for all key stakeholders to collaborate and work together to continuously improve health and safety metrics.

Built on the Salesforce platform, it is robust, flexible, and scalable – thereby allowing organizations to curate the system to their needs along with the flexibility of choosing to implement one module at a time or the entire enterprise suite.

One of our clients, Virginia-based American Operations Corporation (AOC), a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), provides services and products to the Department of Defense and U.S. government intelligence agencies. Founded in 1983, this privately owned company and its six subsidiaries specialize in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and network and telecommunications infrastructure. The company also supports the federal government by providing unmanned aircraft for surveillance and strike missions overseas and training for military service members ready to deploy.

Since 2007, the company has been using multiple tools such as email, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SharePoint, for its risk management, training, and health and safety processes. The company moved to Salesforce CRM and a third-party Salesforce-based app in 2017 to increase its productivity but needed a secure solution for its program management. The program management plan defines its quality and performance objectives, safety standards, compliance requirements, and risk management specifics.

With the ComplianceQuest QHSE solution, the company was able to bridge a critical gap between business development and intelligence, and manage its quality, health, safety, and environmental programs. The solution enabled the company to have centralized, secure data, improved workflows, and real-time access to data. Overall, ComplianceQuest played a critical role in streamlining the entire QHSE workflow, providing centralized access to accurate, real-time, error-free data that was compliant with the required regulations.

The ComplianceQuest solution takes a risk-based approach to managing data and promotes organizational quality and safety by helping track:

It has a document management system that acts as a single repository for all the important documents of the organization. This helps with version control while enabling collaboration between the different teams, as well as easy retrieval, archiving, or removal based on need.

Based on the risks and gaps, businesses can create training programs and upskill their employees, administering assessments and evaluations to track progress. Automating audits, inspections, complaint handling, managing non-conformances, and other quality and safety-related workflows helps organizations realize the true benefits from the system. The built-in analytics tool helps with identifying patterns and forecasting trends while CAPA and root cause analysis can be triggered in case of any safety incidents or quality issues.

ComplianceQuest also seamlessly integrates with the ERP, CRM, and other business systems to provide a single source of truth that empowers enterprises to improve their KPIs, drive home their advantages, and manage their weaknesses to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

To know more about the ComplianceQuest QHSE solution, or request a demo, click here:

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