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The COVID-19 pandemic has consumed nearly all of 2020 and countries are still being forced to weigh health considerations against that of economic well-being. Prolonged shutdowns have turned even the best continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency plans obsolete. Simply put, every business leader is gearing up for what we’re now calling ‘The New Normal’ or ‘The Next Normal’.

While there is no clarity on when this pandemic will end, there is no doubt that enterprises have to restart operations and they must do so by bringing health and safety to the forefront of office reopening plans.

Worried about the efficacy of your organization’s health and safety processes?

We believe that by designing and implementing a world-class health and safety culture across your organization it would not only help you ensure business continuity during this crisis but also deliver a serious competitive advantage. In this whitepaper, we focus on highlighting three key aspects of health and safety:

  • Health and safety norms apply to not only employees but all stakeholders
  • The need for reflection, reinvention and driving cultural change
  • The role of automation and digital transformation



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    Driving Digital Transformation in a Connected Eco-System to Improve Quality and Business Innovation


       May 13, 2021   |   11:00 - 12.00 PM EDT

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