Stages of Behavioral Based Safety Introduction

Whitepaper | November, 2022

It is critical to identify and prevent incidents before they occur in order to keep your workplace safe. Unsafe behavior is a leading cause of incidents and injuries, resulting in lost productivity, increased worker compensation claims, and a threat to workplace safety. However, if the underlying behavior is stopped, injury can be avoided. The key to preventing unsafe behavior is an effective Behavioral Based Safety program.

Behavior based safety (BBS) is a method of avoiding human error and improving workplace safety by observing and analyzing employee behavior while they work.

The most difficult aspect of implementing a safety observation program is the change management effort required to influence everyone’s way of thinking throughout the organization, from frontline workers to the C-Suite. We must overcome our innate tendency to seek flaws or negative outcomes. The goal of behavioral-based safety is to actively seek out and reward positive behaviors.

In this video whitepaper, we will discuss the following topics:   

  • What is behavior based safety (BBS)?
  • What is the basic principle of BBS?
  • How does one manage to become more safety-conscious?
  • Stages of BBS
  • And more

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