Product Development with Sustainability Goals - Incorporated Right from the Design Phase

Whitepaper | October, 2023

The journey to manufacturing a product is filled with several uncertainties and challenges. The process requires the product design to be right - addressing the problem it is designed to tackle. Essentially, it must meet all specifications as detailed in the Product Requirements Document (PRD).

The right raw materials need to be sourced, in the right quantities and quality, for it to perform as expected and satisfy customer needs. The finished product must conform to the specifications to be approved for sale. Any deviations, non-compliance, or performance issues can lead to product recalls, leading not only to additional costs for the manufacturer but also to dealing with the returned products that need to be replaced. Any error at any of these stages will mean rework, wastage, and scrapping.

Therefore, be it from the point of view of customer satisfaction or regulatory compliance, the need to get it right the first time is especially important for manufacturers. With ESG and SDG goals also added to the requirements, the stakes have gone up. Now, at every stage, the manufacturer has to ensure the quality and precision of the processes so that the final product meets the specifications and performs as expected.

Even in the absence of any deviations or errors, the need to optimize resources, minimize wastage, and make processes efficient has become mandatory. At every stage of the product development lifecycle, right from Ideation to Design, Production, Marketing, Delivery, and Obsolescence, the manufacturer has to incorporate and integrate sustainability goals.

In this whitepaper, we will explore:

  • How sustainability has become a critical factor to consider across the product lifecycle
  • How the focus shifted from traditional approach to incorporating sustainable practices
  • Best practices to transition from linear to circular economy
  • The need for a connected PLM solution that is truly collaborative
  • How ComplianceQuest PLM facilitates sustainable product development

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