Layered Process Audits 101

Whitepaper | October, 2021

By using Layered Process Audits or LPAs, manufacturers can focus on parameters, settings, or behaviors to verify critical inputs of high-risk processes and identify potential non-conformances.

The idea behind the LPAs is not to penalize mistakes but to encourage collaboration resulting in meaningful improvements. LPAs do not emphasize only mistakes, but, also serve operators and frontline supervisors with critical feedback on what is working well.

The focus of LPAs is not a comprehensive audit but to narrow down on a few critical, high-risk items. This can accelerate the process and, also help in completing several audits that enable greater visibility in all the processes.

Take a deeper dive into Layered Process Audits with this whitepaper. Understand more about,

  • What is an LPA
  • Benefits of LPAs for manufacturers
  • Winning customer trust
  • How to implement LPAs
  • Success metrics
  • Challenges
  • Automating & streamlining LPAs

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