Incident Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Safety Leaders

Whitepaper | September, 2023

Safety is a critical aspect of any organization, and safety incidents can have severe consequences for both employees and businesses. As a safety leader, your number one priority is to do “whatever it takes” improve workplace safety and reduce the number of incidents.

Therefore, It is essential to have a robust incident handling process in place. It must be designed to proactively minimize the risks associated with accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

Through this eBook, we will aid you in the process of setting up a robust Incident Management Process – by truly integrating people, processes and systems.

In this eBook, we talk about: 

  • The purpose of putting together this eBook
  • Incident management lifecycle: 5 key aspects
    • Incident reporting
    • Investigation and root cause analysis (RCA)
    • Taking action: CAPA process
    • Incident analysis
    • The power of automation
  • Case study: the journey to zero incidents

We hope this eBook will serve as a valuable resource for safety leaders who are looking to enhance their incident management processes and achieve better safety outcomes.

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